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Friday, February 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Delphos, California on 2017-12-14 17:30:00 - Hovering rectangle/box like feature with parallel blue/white lights on each side, dark down center. shroud in mist/clouds.

Traveling north bound on interstate 5 (i-5), north of sacramento, ca, after a day of fishing on the sacramento river, fishing boat in tow, it had just got winter-time dark, 5:30ish. having just past one of the many rural farm towns that dot i-5 north of sacramento, delphos or maybe maxwell, in the approaching distance, above the highway, the same altitude of say an small airplane or helicopter, a bright light shown in the sky which appeared to be your normal run-of-the mill small aircraft or helicopter. but as we approached the light, driving northbound on i-5, fishing boat in tow, the light was not an airplane, in fact it just hovered, about the altitude common to small aircraft, as we approached and past. the light appeared to be a rectangle/box like object, about the size of a semi-truck trailer, the light being emitted, on each end of the object, a misty bluish white in color. although the ends were aglow, there seemed to be no light down the center of the object. being a passenger, i confirmed with the driver of the vehicle if he was seeing the same thing i had just described. he concurred. as my fishing companion and i traveled down the freeway, my face peering through the front windshield of the truck cab, watching the object in the sky hover motionless, eventually obscured by the back of the truck, we journeyed home, fishing boat in tow, pondering, if but briefly, upon what we had just witnessed. jump to today, right now, as i write this report anyway. feeling compelled to read recent sightings in mufon, i read mufon sighting report, report 90347. as said report states “almost shadow like with two very bright blue lights on each side. had sharp box like features.”, describes the object i encountered that faithful evening strangely similar, within the same geographical area, more or less, and at a more current point in time. now you tell me, why is it i'm even taking the time to tell my story, make this report, and expose myself to potential ridicule? only time will tell.

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Credit: MUFON

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