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Monday, February 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 2016-05-11 10:16:00 - Transparent object hovering then travelled became a star like and disappeared

It was time of a work break in the morning and it was clear out side and sun shining. we had gone out to the south side of the building . work partner and me. wind was blowing from south about 25 km hour. as usual i look to the sky for things. suddenly i seen an object that was visible to me eyes and it looked like oscillating and changing shape slightly. it looked smei transparent but i could see it up about 30 feet in air. it was small though maybe 6 to 12 inches. i asked my partner look look . he said yes i see it too. what is it . ? he said maybe piece of floating garbage.? i said i dont think so . it was there 15 or 20 seconds above us. then it began to move against the wind to the south at a constand speed more or less. it went over the build to the south. then it started to glow like a star and it became brighter and brighter even like venus the planet in the evening sky it then got very bright and then made 2 or 3 circles pattern and speed in speed and then disappeared. i said to my work partner that no piece of garbage being blown in the wind. he replied "we do not know all things in the world? " 1) object was semi transparent 2) object warbled and sort of oscillated. 3) object moved against the wind 4) traveled above building to the south 5)began to shine like a very bright star 6) rotated 7) speeded up and disappeared. 8) during bright morning full clear day. i do not know what it was but it seems to me some one was watching me . i did see something that day and my co worker seen it too. regrettably i did not have camera cell phone . it did happen quickly only few minutes. this was a genuine event of seeing an object that which was no on our plane of existance far as im concerned. the object seemed to look at me for while. i remember this rest of my life as this not seen in my life time before. my witness also verifies what i seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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