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Monday, February 19, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Almo, Kentucky on 2015-11-12 17:00:00 - Abduction

I reported this right after it happened. someone from mufon took down my report and contacted me. i understand if this happens again. i've been visited again. this time, taken. i was also taken in this 2015 incident and that's just now come to light in my mind. every time they take me and try to make me forget what happened, something from a previous contact will surface, like my subconscious cant hold all the information in it's hard drive so it moves it to the desktop "my conscious memory" where i can view it again. in november of 2015 i witnessed a craft, a huge blinding craft. it was so bright it lit up my surroundings like it was the middle of the day. i could see the sun, separate from this object, on the horizon as it was setting. last time i reported this, i only remembered it appearing as i stepped into my suburban to go to a rehearsal for a musical i was in. i stood on the running board and observed it as it came brightly into sight and i was bewildered as to why the people across the street seemed to not notice. i remember why they didn't respond to it. they weren't even moving. they were frozen in place. i saw these two short beings, 4 ft tall (which may be generous) and a tall being (maybe 6 ft., not much taller than myself). they came walking from a grassy area. i don't remember what happened or how i was aboard the craft, but the next thing in my memory is being aboard the craft. the beings examined things i had on me at the time. my keys and the door lock remote, my phone, and my wallet. they were very curious about these items. the only tests that have been done on me is brain scans. they sit me in a plastic like chair attached directly to the floor, but on a raised area of floor and put an apparatus on my head. it's white, has no lights and no wires. has metal contacts on the inside that remind me of the ones on exercise equipment that keep track of your pulse, but these do way more. they study the scan and give me an injection in the lymph node area on the right side of my neck. the beings, theyre kind of blue-ish. very loving and warm. they pity us, it seems. the next thing i remember is standing back on the side of the truck where i was before. having not remembered what happened at the time and thinking i'm still just looking at this thing in the sky, i sit down and start the truck and drive off. it's still there at this point, it's not as bright, but clearly following me for a bit before disappearing. email is the best way to contact me for now

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Credit: MUFON

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