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Friday, February 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mariposa, California on 1996-08-08 00:00:00 - Orange/red ball

Shortly after the stump field fire in mariposa ca, i witnessed what i can only describe as a ufo. we were on our way back to mariposa from a trip to fresno. coming from oakhurst ca, theres a simi long bridge you cross then head towards mariposa. as we were coming down this road (hwy 49), we noticed a very bright area just off to our left. we started to wonder if a fire had started again where the stump field fire had burned through. as we got closer, just before the bridge, we could see a very bright “light” in the sky. i was driving and after crossing the bridge i decided to pull over and observe the object in the sky. i placed the vehicle in park, shut off the engine and we watched. we had the windows down and could clearly see the object. it was a very big, round, bright orange sphere that just seemed to hover in mid air. we could see a trail of “smoke” or “steam” but whatever it was was white. as the craft moved closer to us we could see perfect smoke rings each time it would move and i recall 3 smoke rings indicating to me that it had moved closer to us 3 times. i remember very clearly looking out a very big window or a computer screen. this screen was over 50’ long and what seemed to be 50’ tall. i could see where we parked, what was around the vehicle and even inside although it was dark inside. i remember watching the craft for what seemed to be an hour and while it moved closer to us it never got close. at the very end of the sighting, the craft spit out another o or smoke ring, moved forward a bit and then went straight upand was out of sight within 3 seconds. as far as we could see it went straight up into space as it did not move nor did it change course. we waited there for a few minutes to see if it would return or if anything else would do the same but nothing else showed. i started the vehicle, put it in gear and tried to turn on the lights but the lights would not work. i was able to drive home with my brights on. we took the vehicle to the dealership to be checked out and they said the circuit or circuit board had been fried and needed to be replaced. i have never seen anything like that before nor have i seen anything similar since. at the time my wife and her mother witnessed the whole event and we still talk about it to this day. we don’t know what we seen but we know we seen something! i never reported it to anyone or any authorities because most people write you off as insane or making up stuff but i am hopeful that telling my story here will help others come forward and hopefully we can figure out just what it was we seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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