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Saturday, February 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Willits, California on 2018-02-10 18:40:00 - "flashing and jumping ufo"

Last year, in august (i think) i reported a ufo over northern ca. after my report i haven't seen it again, until last night and tonight again. i was talking my dog for a walk, and when it is dark i always look up to the sky and i enjoy the stars and formations, like orion. just like last night (it was aprox. the same time as today), i look up again and i see a flash in the sky in the orion star formation. my first thought was a beacon of a airplane. but it didn't flash again for a while and i did not see any movement or other beacons. it flashed again, i tried to follow the aprox. flight path with my eyes but then it flashed miles away. the best i can describe it now: it jumped... it did this for another six times before it went back to it's original location (star formation orion) it flashed bright, and the next couple times it flashed it was like the lights dimmed with every flash until i could not see it anymore. the "event" was over. the flashes were completely random. it would flash real bright, then flash again after 5-6 seconds the next flash would take 10 seconds.. like i said, it started out in the orion star formation (that's at least were i first took notice of it) in the se and would "jump" to the sw, it would jump to the south and back to se. it is hard to tell the distance of the jumps but every jump must have covered a few miles. the flashes faded out and i couldn't see it anymore. yesterday night was exactly the same.

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Credit: MUFON

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