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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 1995-11-17 22:50:00 - Self-illuminated, red & blue striped disc. appeared suddenly, spun rapidly, in 60 mph wind, then vanished.

November 17, 1995, 10:50pm. having just tucked my children in, my wife already asleep, i stepped out onto the east facing front porch for a smoke. there i ran into our neighbor, and we began chatting about the weather. it was "windstorm 95" and made the news with gusts around 70mph. the conversation then turned to some red and blue lights, my neighbor had seen in the clouds a few minutes earlier. after a couple moments i saw them as well. they were horizontal bars of red and blue light that pulsed on then off in particularly mechanical way, a horizontal red bar of light would come on inside of a cloud followed by a blue bar of light directly underneath where the red light had been. not flashes of light, but measured pulses. this happened three more time not counting the 2 or 3 times she had seen it before. they appeared in random parts of the sky and always inside of a cloud, which were scattered across the sky. planes and stars were also visible between the fast moving clouds, with slower moving larger clouds above. transformers were also flashing occasionally, from the storm, but appeared as flashes, lighting up the underside of clouds, but the red/blue bands of light were clearly coming from inside the clouds as distinct pulses.. some kids were playing in the gusts across the street, when suddenly our entire field of vision was illuminated in brilliant neon-red light, eminating from a blue and red striped disc, which had appeared directly east of us. it was just below the treetops, the right edge obscured slightly by the roof of a house directly across the street. it spun metronomically, in high wind, without so much as a shudder. no sound. just spinning in place for about 3 minutes. once i came to my senses, after the initial shock, i called to the kids, so we'd have more witnesses. they hesitated at first, but cautiosly came over to see. just as i told them to turn and look, the object pulsed, as if it were going to go out, and did so just as they turned. the kids ran for their lives the second they saw it, and the object then collapsed into a single point of light, and vanished, like an old tube tv powering down. it had radiated such an intense light, that i could feel the heat, and felt a little sun burnt from it. i called the local news station, and airport that night, learning nothing from them, and called noaa the next day. they told me there was no lightning associated with the storm, and that there was no such thing as red lightning, in response to my inquiries.. i never saw the kids again, and have lost contact with my neighbor, but our reports, and a couple from the su dorms behind us are on file at the national ufo hotline.

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Credit: MUFON

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