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Monday, February 5, 2018

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Alien Encounter in China Grove, North Carolina on 2007-03-31 00:00:00 - Multiple accounts of seeing greys in my room , in mulitple homes as well

Hello my name is ryan , first off just wanna say i never looked into aliens , or researched them or anything like that until these events happened to me. i would also like to ad im only doing this so that someone can help me undertand more of what happened as i cant talk to family or friends bout this ...No one believes me. im hoping to get some info on regression therapy from someone who is local to me. ok.. so roughly 10 years ago i was sleeping in my bed next to my girlfriend at the time. we were living with her mother. her house was right at the egde of the woods and just following that was open what used to have been corn fields. we werent in the country by know means just where our house was just happen to be right on farm land ( i can get gps coordinates if youd like) our bedroom had one window , and it was facing the trees and field. as i lay sleeping i sorta wake up and see a couple of light balls come thru window and into room , i dont remember being scared or anything. the rest plays out like scenes , no transitions tho. next thing i see is the lights are gone. and i see 3 beings in my room.. 2 small ones and 1 bigger... all were small tho... 2 maybe 3.5 feet and 1 maybe 4.5 feet. i remember not being able to move , one was standing in front of t.V. and i remember it was almost transparent as i can see the tv thru him... almost like 50 percent transparency. the other was standing by girl friend... then i remember one on top of me , i couldn't tell if it was strattling me or not but i was laying down so i assume so. i was in complete fear , no words can describe it , i tried my best to wake girlfriend but she wouldnt move. the one on top of me got inches from my face and its eyes alone paralyzed me. the next tjing i remember is waking up at 6 am being really thirsty. i have had 3 other similar times this happened as well... in different locations. i never remember being on a craft tho this just takes place in my room. but from research ive read that 99 percent sure i was taken from my room. that's the answers im hopping to get. sorry for the grammar , im at work now doing this quickly on my phone. like i said its happened a couple more times (that i recall) , like once a couple years. most where similar to the above bit did have one that was really different. if you'd like i can tell that one , and if you need me to get in front of a laptop and take more time to write out better i can. i would really like to speak on the phone or personally with someone. this has changed my life forever just wanna be heard and get more answers. call anytime i will also work on drawing some pictures

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Credit: MUFON

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