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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Picayune, Mississippi on 2018-01-31 06:02:00 - Sighting of ufo under super blue blood moon

i live in the usa (picayune, mississippi), attached are my blueblood moon pictures showing an flying object. did not come out very clear :-( however i did see something very strange and tried to catch in the picture. then i tried to do a video but the video would not come out because it was still to dark. as i was taking pictures, this red glowing thing was zipping around very fast high underneath the moon on the left. it was not a airplane because this red glowing object was flying up, down, and sideways so freaking fast i couldn't catch up with it with my camera so i just started snapping pictures real fast in hopes i would get at least one picture of it, then it just vanished. i did catch it in a picture but i am disappointed that it came out blurry. i guess it was because i was trying to keep up with it by moving my camera around to get a picture. however, i just read an news article from express news uk stating nasa caught a object coming from the left side of the moon and it was believed to be a ufo. it was exciting to read that because it confirms that i truly saw something zipping around underneath the left side of the moon!

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Credit: MUFON

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