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Monday, March 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Port, Florida on 2003-02-24 06:30:00 - Orb like craft hovered directly above for about 1 minute at treetop height.

My ufo sighting this sighting took place somewhere between 2002 and 2006, i will guess it happened in 2003. i live in a quiet neighborhood on a secondary type road, maybe about 16 ft wide. the driveway to my house forms a letter “t” with an intersecting street that ends looking at my driveway. in other words i live on the top of the t looking down the vertical line that makes up the body. early one morning, sometime around february or early march approximately 6:30 to 6:45 am, i walked out into my driveway to get something from my car. i could see down the side street in front of me. there was a big orb like circle just above the tree line. i watched as the orb moved slowly and silently towards me. it stopped directly over the house across the street from me. this is about a 2000 sq. foot house and the orb was about 80% in size of the width of the house, i’m guessing about 35 ft. wide. being almost a perfect circle, i would estimate it to be of equal height as width. i was for some reason not the least bit nervous or scared, just the opposite, i was quite curious. i walked across the street to get a better view and observe this orb from the back. the light from the orb was very diffused, it was a light onto itself but was not putting light out onto the surrounding environment. as i approached the house from the left side, putting the orb to my right, i could see the outer right rim of the orb but it was not observable from behind. there only appeared to be sky. i realized that there must be something that was blocking my vision of the orb from this angle but there was nothing. i came to the conclusion it must be something perfectly camouflaged with the sky. then i saw it. approximately 40 ft behind the orb and slightly lower there was a backwards “l” shaped pipe hanging in mid-air! i could plainly see the pipe as i was standing almost underneath it; it was about 10 inches in diameter and bent at a 37 degree angle. for the life of me, i don’t know how i knew, but i knew that i knew it was 37 degrees and for some reason that was significant. i'm not great at math, and not the least bit interested in engineering, but for some reason i couldn’t get the angle of the pipe out of my head. it was now that i knew whatever i was looking at was perfectly camouflaged, except for this pipe that appeared to be hanging in mid-air (it was also perfectly silent). i stood there looking at it for another 30-45 seconds then began to walk up to it, so as to stand directly under it. as i did there was a loud noise, which sounded exactly like the loud frazzling sound a transformer makes when it blows. sparks then flew off the pipe and it began it move upwards very slowly for 1 second then shot straight up. it was completely gone out of sight within 2-3 seconds. the orb and the pipe moved in unison together, meaning that they were indeed all part of the same thing, even though i could not see what connected them. i was left with two thoughts: i said to myself, “what cheap technology for an alien ufo” and the compelling thought of the 37 degree pipe. note: the total event took place in about 1 ½ to 2 minutes. i did not experience any missing time.

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Credit: MUFON

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