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Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-10 03:10:00 - I was abducted

On a regular night i fell asleep around 11pm. that night i recall having a dream where i was floating in the sky among the stars but while i was asleep i was lucid dreaming and i could feel like i was really floating. around 3am i woke up from my sleep only to find myself in my bedroom on my bed body tilted sleeping to the side but i saw a female alien 4 ft tall in front of me and i felt about 3 male 6ft tall aliens behind me. one was examining my leg and i was terrified although i didn't get to see the males the only alien i saw was the female. the female was tranquil and relaxed when i first woke up but when i screamed she shape shifted.She grew one foot taller than her original size than she started to glow in the dark she kind of had dolphin soft skin that glittered and she glowed in the colors turquoise, blue-silver. her eyes were upside down black almond shapes because i screamed she telepathically shut my eyes and i could not move or open my eyes at all. ten minutes went by and they were gone and i was terrified. the males fingers were about 1 foot long. the males were the ones examining me i was fully clothed though and the female seemed to be conducting everything. i was just surprised because she looked calm when i woke up but when i screamed she shape shifted immediately. all i can say is they are very powerful in their telepathic capabilities she had me paralyzed on my bed and made my eyes shut just by a command.

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Credit: MUFON

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