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Monday, March 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in LA / San Fernando Valley, California on 1979-07-15 00:00:00 - Saw large aerial craft hovering dead center over intersection of topanga cyn rd & roscoe in san fernando valley.

In the summer of 1979, around the age of 16-17, i was driving my vw bug at night with 3 other girlfriends, on our way from woodland hills to chatsworth when we encountered an unidentifiable air craft. we were heading inland on topanga canyon blvd when we approached a red light at the intersection of topanga canyon blvd and roscoe. all four of us saw a very large craft hovering directly above the center of the intersection, just above the street lights and power lines. the object was much, much larger than a helicopter and it seemed like it was large, deep and possibly rectangular in shape. it was matte black in color and i don't recall the bottom having lights, but the bottom was also matte black with an angular, industrial looking pattern to it. i don't recall clearly, seeing it arrive in the intersection, and what i do remember is that all 4 of us saw it, talked about it wondering what it was, and being perplexed as to how it was just able to sit above the intersection without make any noise at all. because we were in a vw bug, we thought our vision of the entire craft was being limited by the small windows, so we rolled down the windows expecting to feel some sort of wind, but the air was dead still. no wind, no noise and it looked huge like something we'd never seen before. this is where my memory stops. i cannot recall what happened next. i don't know who was in the car with me, i don't know how the craft arrived or left, i don't know what we did or where we went afterwards. i don't even remember talking to anyone, not even my parents, about it for decades after that night. i never lost the memory of what i've described, but i have no recall of everything else just before and after for several days. in conversation with a friend, decades later in my 40's, the topic of ufo's came up, and i felt compelled to tell him my story. it was the first time i spoke of it since it happened. i do know that i always remembered the event, but it was as though it had been given a priority level setting of zero in my memories for all those years, until that day i had the conversation with my friend. then it felt important enough to tell my experience and start thinking about it again.

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Credit: MUFON

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