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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Audubon, Pennsylvania on 2018-03-23 21:05:00 - Observed bright orange orb traveling on a straight horizontal path in generally a se direction with small white lights at street level.

My wife and i were traveling south on trooper road (route 363) towards the intersection at egypt road in our personal automobile for a late supper, as i had just returned home from work. i spotted a bright orange orb relatively high in the sky traveling slowly in a horizontal straight line in a se direction, making its way over the home depot and walmart in audubon. i'd say the orb was at least 4 or 5 times brighter that the planet venus when venus is at its brightest. i pulled out my iphone while i was driving and attempted to video the orb in the sky. i did this twice, but apparently was unsuccessful, as i was trying to do this while i was driving in traffic. i had it on the screen of my iphone for at least 10 seconds at one point, but perhaps i didn't engage the video button on the screen, as i was continuously looking back and forth between the object and the car in front of me. the orb then just faded from view while over the industrial park just south of the shopping center. it didn't go into clouds, and didn't speed away - the luminosity just turned off while the object was in place in the sky over the industrial park. while our car was approaching the intersection at egypt road, a white light, slightly smaller than a golf ball, appeared out of nowhere and headed straight for our car, traveling about 4 feet above the payment until it was about 10 feet in front of the vehicle, then it shot straight up into the sky. i thought it might have been a large insect, but frankly i believe it was too cold that night for insects to be flying around, and the movement of the object was too fast and the path too straight. i'd estimate the entire duration of this sighting to be all of about a second. the orange orb was still up in the sky and remained there while this other stuff was going on. i'd say the orb was visible in the sky for at least 5 minutes. when i got to the restaurant, i was disappointed to see that the video i thought i had taken of the orb was non-existent. what i did have however, was 1.2 seconds of video that i did not even remember taking. it showed two small white lights moving fast and erratically. i enhanced the video from the original, and ultimately slowed it down to the point where i'm thinking the lights may have been birds - but i'll let you be the judge of that. i included the original video, plus two versions that i digitally enhanced in an effort to better see what was going on. anyway, when you look at the videos, notice the white light to the right of the street lamp in the right-center of the frame. then there's a second white light streaking across the frame that stops right above that same street light when the video ends. but for me, the real mystery remains the bright orange orb in the sky, and even after posting about the experience on social networking, i've not found anyone else who has seen it - other than my wife. frankly, with all of the cars out on the road and with the busy parking lots at the shopping centers, i don't know how anybody could miss it. i was intrigued enough with the sighting the following day to consider calling the lower providence police to see if anyone called in the sighting, but i finally decided i didn't want to put myself through that. so i decided to file a report with you guys. just so that you know my orientation - i'm 63 years old and never experienced a ufo sighting until march 23. and i do not believe that ufos are of extraterrestrial origin. i'm sure there is a terrestrial explanation for this, and i'm just curious as to what it may be. one more thing: last summer i saw a series of similar objects hovering in a cluster slightly north of last friday's sighting, also on trooper road. while the sighting was initially startling, i finally figured out that they were probably illuminated lanterns with the air inside them heated by a candle that somebody in the adjoining neighborhood released all at once. the object my wife and i saw on friday was not a lantern. it was higher in the sky, and looked more like a flare - like the kind used in the maritime industry for search and rescue. but there was no tail on this object. and it moved slowly and horizontally in a se direction until it extinguished.

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Credit: MUFON

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