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Monday, March 26, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on 1972-04-15 03:00:00 - Visited by 2 creatures when i was a child

Described experience to fred kohler. was four years old, slept in a room with my two sisters. we had a spare room that i was terrified to go into even though i had no reason to fear going in. i wouldn't go in even with an adult. i woke up one night and against my will was drawn to go into the spare rrom. there were two creatures in robes or sheets; they had huge black eyes, and claws for hands. i couldn't really make out mouths but i could make out their bodies; thin, lean muscles. i was scared but not terribly, felt a sense of wonder even though their eyes seemed to be smiling and laughing at me. i was shifting around so i wasn't paralyzed. one was short; about three and half feet(about my height at the time), the other was tall-maybe six feet. i looked at them for awhile before the little one pinched me in the ass(yes, i know how that could be construed.) and i ran terrified to my parents bedroom. those things were right there-i didn't see or hear a thing. they were sort of swaying like they were mocking me as i screamed over and over, "mom, dad! wake up!" they didn't wake up. that's it. all i remember is waking up the next morning in my bed. nothing like that has happened since. it may not have been an experience but i feel in my gut something happened and i need to know. can you help me? thank you very much for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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