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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tracy, California on 2018-03-04 11:07:00 - Saw a bright white reflective object at very high altitude moving across the sky

My wife and i were walking our dog in the park. nice day, scattered clouds and mostly sunny. an object caught my eye near a large cloud formation because it was moving very fast. i pointed it out to my wife who also saw it. it seemed to be at an extremely high altitude and we wondered if it could be a satellite. i took out my i-phone and snapped a few photos. realizing that they were only showing what looked like a tiny spec of light, i zoomed in as far as i could and took a series of photos. the object covered a very large distance in a very short time, and traveled in a straight line. it appeared to be changing shape too. my wife noted that it appeared to be separating into two parts at one point (photo 3322). a lot of the time, i could make out a faint "x" inside of the circle which when i examined the photos later on my computers larger screen was very visible when enlarged. while we watched it appeared to change into several different shapes, although because of the distance it was hard to see with much detail. when i reviewed the 40 separate photos i found there to be several distinct shapes; a perfect square, a 6 point star, a circle with an 'x' dividing it into 4 distinct and equal segments, an inverted upside down 'l', an odd geometric shape with 3 protuberances, and some other more abstract shapes as well. at one point a commercial airliner passed nearby and it looked like it was very close in altitude by comparison. within a few minutes, i could no longer get a good picture as it was too far away. it started directly overhead at my (approximately) high noon location became too far away to see well in my (approximately) 3 o'clock position. the whole thing lasted only 5 minutes.

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Credit: MUFON

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