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Monday, March 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newquay, England on 1978-06-10 21:00:00 - Light and hum of something in field that took off at speed.

Myself and my wife, then girlfriend were taking a evening walk down towards the gannell estuary in newquay cornwall uk. country lane with a few homes. when we noticed a bright dome of light in a field to our left and a low humming sound. there was also some moving lights. we questioned each other on what it might be? someone working late in the field? why was the light so bright? why did it appear to be dome shaped? suddenly! with no prior warning this light shot up and across the road and across our path, the speed was sudden and very fast, across our path and upwards at a slight angle. what was also evident was an energy like the passing of a high speed train when you stand at a station, also the nearby trees and shrubs bent with the force of this energy. at this point we have differing accounts i remember turning to my wife and she was already away running back up the way we had come, strangely she remembers this the other way round! we got back to our digs at the time we were working and living at a local hotel and a we shared our experience with a work colleague, it became apparent that the time was later than we expected. about an hour was missing maybe slightly more. we shared this experiance with ufologist jenny randles who published our experiance in a book. also have recently contacted a local ufo group from whome we have had no reply. it has also come to our attention recently that around the same time, month and year some unxplained animal mutilations took place at our local zoo. this has again raised questions for us as to what it was we experianced that evening and if any other sightings were reported at that time. ther were few houses in the area at that time, now the same area is filled with new homes it has proved impossible to retrace our steps. hope you can investigate for us and help us find some explanations. thank you mr gary marsh.

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Credit: MUFON

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