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Monday, March 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in England on 2002-02-28 00:00:00 - Object with 4 light 2 suns and two moon symbols.Doored compartments on frame 80'x80'

This event was part of an episode of events that was seemingly triggered after i had taken 4 stones from two sacred locations in ireland. what i also seen before the main event were witnessed visitations via small orbs that were either filled with a greyish white smokey interior and on one occasion by 4 golf ball sized lights with fizzy edges that came to within several feet of where we were standing and lowered over 4 stones that i had on a garden table which i had taken from the sacred places in ireland as the stones lowered to within inches of the stones they increased in intensity then just fizzled out/vanished. the craft that i seen was on a later occasion first appearing over a small river where i had thrown the 4 stones into and it moved over a factory complex and then hovered in front of me for some minutes before moving and then stopping over my house/garden where the stones had been kept on the garden table. after it had hovered over my home it moved south gaining height into cloud.I phoned the police and contacted security at the nearby factory which it crossed. i had a contact from the craft but it was telepathic and i could not see beings. the craft was everything you would not expect an alien craft to be. it was a framed structure with cabins that had windows and doors interconnected with ramps. the lights on top of the craft were about 15' and 18 foot across and were like the moon and sun two of each. this and other events (not mentioned here) have caused me a lot of mental anquish as i now know that i should not have taken those stones away. i spoke on radio about the event including the bbc in n.Ireland. others who witnessed the events, will not speak about it including one elderly man who drove to be almost under the craft.People just cannot handle it, they cannot accept that this phenomena exists. its contrary to our perceptions of how things should be. from my experiences i would rather not have seen or experienced these things as it has created a feeling of insecurity and an ominous feeling that i get when i have encounters - danger and foreboding and a gut feeling of bad intentions from there appearances.I have an urge to return to the locations from where i took the stones as i believe that something will manifest from the visit. i am not now in good health, but the urge or calling is consistent. i believe the following to be true and is written without prejudice. i do not want publicity or money, but have submitted this info for its value in research that needs to be done for the international security of mankind who i believe are under risk from maybe all alien and ufos. we are losing our security shield- beware of social engineering as some amongst us have an agenda of self preservation at the expense of the majority. the ufo/aliens do not like us but like our home planet. it has resources including us who can be used as we are, or altered to suite applications of use as deemed appropriate for their use. they intervene in worldly affairs to keep us busy with what is essentially trivia, diversions away from what we really should be focused on. i maybe totally wrong but i maybe totally right -

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Credit: MUFON

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