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Saturday, March 31, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Saranac, Michigan on 2018-03-01 02:01:00 - What you see

First remembering encounter i was laying in my living room always around 2am stagnate in sound with fear only death can feel of the sounds words cant explain words with feelings of pure fear and shatter screeching .Of death as three shadows of small beings walking into my back door seeing the light feom back porch light cast thier image on to the brown paneling on my walls noing the door was locked i am severely sensitive to sounds now because of the sounds they made and become angry from slight of sound and agitated i knowledge beforehand of the situation i was in from years of researching it was the grey's without thinking i flip the coutch over me to hide in a instant life law of reactions pre programed in me but this is not why i am here to tell you i have many details and stories one can only tell in a life time they take me because of the genetic knowledge and self awareness of free flow demention knowledge they take me to dual my self awareness to keep the advancement of self auto correcting 2 demention time line progressions to a controlled advancements of evolution at a controlled rate of for past present and future time line control what advancements we make to are time line in the present effects the progression of the past and how the present of are advancements we make changes the rate in the technical advancements leading to are time line of evolution and changes everything in the future we are 0 and 1 and some like me are code between 0 and 1 that determine with knowledge and creation with free flow encyclopedia of knowledge of all dementions have the power to change the rate of advancements and past and futures of human races and is a threat to them for lake of control of demention time line the powers to take a idea and turn it to a physical thing in time we as 2 demention beings can do 345678910 ect demention beings can only observer and controll the ideas for they have the advanced knowledge but not the abstract concepts of self awareness to decided to turn ideas to reality as thier reality is already written by controlling us they can control the ideas and as they are already made program's and can decided with us how life is for them thiey are hunting me down and traking my every move and as the government flys around my house all the time in black helicopters its a small village i live in not consisted a town and lots of farm land i hope you read this becase ot will chance your self concepts of your idea

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Credit: MUFON

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