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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Valdivia, Región de los Ríos on 2002-12-23 00:00:00 - Taken for a psychological "test"

There was a time i was waking up in the middle of the night without any sleepy feeling,just opened my eyes and check the time, always was around 2-4 am. i used to feel a buzz or a little shake, i never saw anything because im very skeptic and i asumed that i was just having a bad dream and get immediately back to sleep.Sometimes we used to joke about ufo hovering town and that i "felt" them. but i never took it seriously. until one night. it was close to christmas, in my city thats in summer so we sleep with windows open, an i had a weird dream, that i told to my mother the day after (this was a typical conversation for breakfast because i have sometimes very realistic dreams). this dream was like this: i was sleeping and suddenly a bright light woke me up, coming from outside the window,me half blinded stand up and followed this light.Suddenly i found myself inside an hovering flying saucer where there were 3 more people like me, half confused and asleep. there were 2 drivers of the machine but they looked like us, but with adark blue suit, reminded me as part of a militar gawn.We are moving, travelling up, and i am a little concious so i want to know how this ufo works, its shape is created to fit all needs for a long trip, looks mote like an apartment than a space ship, it has sleeping rooms, eating area, and a big round "sofa" in the middle. in the middle of this ufo rheres a kind of hole, and rhete are windows,were we can see we are travelling. the crew tell us to have a look through the window and we are all in awwww, i think to myself i'm lucky to be one of the few people of having the view of the world from outside.I can see the space and the planet earth. we approach to a "morher ship" that is more as a big structure in the middle of the sky next to earth, i though myself how people can't see it,or if they use an invisible coat, but i never ask. we dock and big doors are open, and we are welcomed in a room full of screens, and "people" watching, like security cameras. this place looks more as a space station. we were welcome by a tall bold woman wih the same blue suit, she looks like us but is taller, she says to us not to be afraid and that we were there only conciously and they wanted to run some tests to understand some human perceptions.All is very peaceful and nobody is scared, we are invited to follow someone to another place that looked like a hotel hall, or a hospital one, with doors on both sides. suddenly we stop in front of a door and a guy ask me to imagine the room inside and how i would like it to be. so i close my eyes and think about a small room with a bed, a night table, a closet, a tv and a window.I thought of a very typical room with no more than needed. they open the door and it was exactly like i thought. i stay in for a while, i look through the window and i see that the building is like a big hotel in a c shape, and in the miidle theres a huge green space as a backyard crossed by cement paths in asterisk shape, and there were many people walking around, maybe 100-200. then i found myself in that area and i'm walking around looking if there's any familiar faces, i only saw one guy that i remembered was my classmate in primary school but i don't remember his name.I say hi and ask him if he knows what are we doing there, he doesn't know, so we just keep walking around. after that i see myself on a beach, a very fake one, as digitally manipulated, the sky shines and is difficult to see, the sand is warm and the water also, what it caught my eye was a huge bridge next to me that starts behind the beach and goes all the way to the horizon. im sitting watching around, we are sittedbon the sand in groups of 3, and theres a truck, kind of military going through the sand, some guys go down and they are in a blue military gawn and they are carrying assault guns.They look humans.One guy goes to a group next to us the other one come to us, he says, "that would be all" and touches my shoulder,then i wake up. this dream haunt me until today because a neighbor of mine, few days later, told us she had the same dream.Since then my skepticism has been in doubt if this was real or not. i have seen in other times weird light in the sky but i always thought that might be another reason for them than ufo. thanks for this space to share this information.

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Credit: MUFON

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