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Friday, March 30, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cataldo, Idaho on 1998-08-08 23:30:00 - Opened back door , heard a hum , looked up . the craft was right over my farm and above my head .My neighbors 4 dogs laying in my yard.

It was in the month of august , 8th day 1998.I had worked all day doing farm chores and finally was done . the wife , child and her parents all took off to play in montana , while i was left doing the farm work. only my wife's grandmother and myself where on the farm that evening.My cat , dog and myself where alone in our home , old grandma was 500' away in her home,...With her dog .I must have fell asleep on the couch at around 10:30 p.M., cat and dog laying on the living room floor next to me. tv was on...Of course and suddenly i felt my name being called and a strong urge to head out the back door . i cleary remember turning to look at my pets , who were eating at their feeding station , next to the front door.Now the backdoor was only a few feet past the living , so outside i went , took about 6 steps ,...No porch , just lawn.And felt the lightest warmth of stalled air , i have ever known.There to my surprise , lay my neighbors breeding dogs , whom were ever and always locked in their kennel,...They were not free roaming farm-dogs .Than i heard and felt the hum,....Very quiet.I looked up and directly above me half the cloudless sky seemed to be enveloped in a pulsing , mist-like , translucent mist , but the stars were still visible through it,...Barely now knowing the length , distance and exact dimensions of our valley , i was in awe when it struck me how big this mist , vaporous area above my head was . now it was than i could clearly see this thing had straight lines in fact this thing , mist was " translucent ". here are the dimensions of this , what i could cleary see was a giant triangle ,...I mean giant craft best estimates well over a half-mile in length on equal sides. in the center a darker mass was blocking out the stars and on the three tips each having a dim oranges pulsing dome , yet the stars could still be seen or perhaps it was meant to appear that way,......Wish i had that camo for hunting.Now i know aircraft quite well and my first thought was " wow , i'm here ,,...Me , i'm looking at that aurora project.Oh hell no....This thing is way !%#@&**!! bigger ." is this for real ?, why am i seeing this ?Why are my neighbors dogs in my yard ? and that's when i saw my dog sitting about 35' away next to the wood-shed . my dog is black and friendly , but she was just sitting there not with my neighbor dogs.Here's the weird thing , all the dogs were lying with their heads to the north , they were a foot apart and their legs were lying directly west....How's that for sleeping placement.Suddenly all the dogs looked up at me or tried , but were having problems moving .I was still in awe staring at this craft above me when i felt the temp in the air drop about 30 degrees and this massive craft began moving up and heading west . i watched it go away at about 3 mph ....No hurry than it was over the next hill.I heard a crash and spun to see my dog running off and as i tried heading towards her i felt sick , like i was spinning .I made it to the backdoor and dove for the couch.I opened my eyes the clock was at 1:38 a.M. and my dog & cat were sitting by the front door whinning to go out.I let them out than went to the back door opened it and now my dog was playing with the neighbors dogs , who all seemed to be having fun.These are the basics of that event to be blunt oh i might add grandma said she couldn't sleep that night and her old dog was bouncing all over the house.I went back to the couch and woke up feeling sick at 6:00 a.M. and for 3 days after , everything tasted strange ,....Oh and liquids all tasted like grape soda . there is more that began to occur after this event , but i only wish to describe this first sighting .

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Credit: MUFON

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