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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2007-04-06 15:30:00 - Small saturn-like thing hovered inches above ground in backyard, ascended after being spotted

I was about ten years old when this happened. i was in my back yard with my friend noelle, hanging out and chatting in my side yard. i heard my dogs barking and we went to investigate (a neighbor had developed a habit of shooting my dachshund and chihuahua-thing with his b.B. gun, and i wanted to make sure they were okay) . noelle got there first, and yelled at me there was something weird in the yard. we saw what we thought was a mylar balloon shaped like saturn, hovering a few inches off the ground on a small incline near the middle of my backyard. we we got closer, we realized it was glowing, with the light intensifying and fading in a gentle, repetitive pattern. when we were about six feet (? i couldn’t measure accurately at the time, and everything looks smaller now) from it, the silvery color seemed to rotate, while the shape/outline of the ting stayed still, and it began to rise into the air. i remember that it somehow dodged the tree branches above it, even though there were so many so meshed together. visually, it seemed to rise directly up, steadily, never adjusting its course, but that would have been impossible without hitting the branches. i saw it rising above the height of my house, still in the same straight line as before, then my memory stops. i don’t know if my lack of memory is due to the ufo’s effects, time and my age when this happened, or my ptsd that had begun the year before due to unrelated things (if it has any bearing, i was sexually assaulted multiple times by an older boy i was friends with the summer when i was nine years old. no ufos or anything like that, just horrible humans). i live near a major airport, and i could hear a plane flying by while all of this happened, but couldn’t see it (flight path is on the other side of my house). shortly afterward (within a few days) the grass at the spot where the thing was died, and the dirt was a warmer color than usual. later, a patch of grass that was unlike any type grown in my neighborhood started up (the blades radiated out from the center of the ovalish clump, and the blades were a deeper green than the rest of the grass and wavy or ribbonish at the sides). this clump of grass stayed for years before dying off (at least five years, but less than nine) i don’t know what i felt when this happened. as i mentioned before, i have ptsd, which was completely untreated at the time, and i was emotionally numb, no matter what. i remember being slightly curious and confused, but nothing else.

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Credit: MUFON

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