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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2017-12-26 00:00:00 - Hovering and loud noise above truck

A friend and i were sitting in my truck in this shopping center parking lot facing nw toward the street between the hours of 2p-4p waiting for a friend of hers to come. we were talking amongst ourselves when out of no where suddenly this very loud roaring sound like the blow dryer from a carwash but 20xs louder enveloped my truck. i didn't i understand where it was coming from as i looked out the back window looking for someone. i turned to my friend and asked her what is that noise why is it so loud. she didn't know either. my truck was shaking and i thought the windows were going to pop. this went on a few minutes. we're looking at each other dumb founded. the next thing to occur totally twisted my mind. i'm not sure what made us look up thru the front of my windshield but as we did this thing that could only be called a craft slowly drifted or cruised in complete silence no sound at all over my truck. we were in total shock by what we were witnessing and just how very close to my truck it was. i was going thru my head ruling out what it was not. i'm asking my friend do u see this what is it what are we looking at omg what is it. the size the triangle shape us looking up underneath it seeing these violet lights that outlined the shape of the craft with blueish circles within them. i thought i was seeing things. i was nervous a little scared and excited all rolled up in one. i couldn't believe my eyes. i knew it wasn't man made cause the was no propulsion no thrusters of any kind and how slow it glided over us and in front of us. i stated who or what is flying that. we just sat there staring looking at it in aww. it was black triangle shaped massive and thick like. at the back of it was a single white light that was real bright. after it was a distance from us it suddenly took off at a speed that was out of this world and then it took a quick right turn it was so fast that it disrupted the atmosphere to where it left a trail that could be seen it was like waves. i asked my friend did that thing just turn right she stated yes. i said we cant do that. it then turned back straight and proceeded to fly over the valley going north so very fast and i recall all that i could see was that one bright light in the back of it of it and how when it ascended in the sky it reminded me of looking like a star as it was just starting to get dark. during this whole neither one of us thought to grab our phone to take a pic or record the event. we were literally in pure astonishment and aww of what we were looking at. never i once did it even pop in our heads. we kept our eyes on the craft the entire time. not knowing if it would stop or even come back. we stayed in the truck the entire time kind of fearing who was inside what was inside. i even asked my friend if we had been here in the truck the whole time. my whole perception of things and life itself changed that day and i will never forget it. i find so odd though how it was in the daytime that this event occurred and i can't recall if others were around us in the parking lot or even if there was any traffic at all being it was the day after christmas. what still bothers me the most is how low it was flying and why was it hovering over my truck for the time it did and what was that loud noise about. what was it doing up above me..

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Credit: MUFON

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