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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Medford, Oregon on 1966-10-31 00:00:00 - The night before my ce of the 3rd kind,strange lights were witnessed in the sky by my parents and landlord. the next evening at 11 pm i went outside and saw a strange 3 foot tall being that communicated to me by esp.

In november of 1966 i was 8 years old and living in a desolate, mountainous, wooded area outside of medford, oregon. the night before my encounter, my mother and landlord that was staying with us that week, had seen "strange lights" in the sky and talked about how they had never seen anything like it before. they were all different colors of the spectrum and danced, revolved, zig-zagged, climbed and descended. the show went on for up to an hour until they just got tired of looking at it. nobody at the time knew anything about ufo's and just thought they were helicopters. the following night we had a big music party with a live band playing in our house. my father asked me to go out and retrieve his cigarettes, it was 11 pm and very cold outside. i took our flashlight and went out to our side yard picnic table to get them. all of a sudden i noticed a brilliant blue sparkling at the base of our tree. i slowly walked up to the tree and a 3 foot tall being was standing there. the being had a white ski mask over his entire head; it was tight fitting like a ladies nylon stocking and there was no nose, mouth or ears and the being was wearing wraparound "sunglasses," they were slightly farther apart than our sunglasses. the blue sparkling that attracted my attention was his coat that the being was wearing. it was a blue sequin jacket with a high collar and the jacket came down to his knees. he was wearing gray dress pants with a crease down the front and cuffs at the bottom resting on top of black boots. he was also wearing black gauntlet gloves. his arms seemed to be very long, they went down to his knees. his blue jacket radiated blue sparkling action even in the dead of night! he stood motionless in front of the tree trying to camouflage himself as the tree.I got scared, dropped my flashlight and ran back to the house, then i spun around to go get the flashlight; i ran up to the flashlight looking up at the being hoping he wouldn't harm me, grabbed it and fled with terror! as i did so, the being communicated with me through esp, and said, "please don't be afraid;" in the sweetest way that anyone has ever spoken to me! when he said this, i felt a pull or a tug on my forehead forcing me back. but, i was so terrified that he couldn't control me. well anyway, i went inside and told my father that i saw a monster and couldn't get his cigarettes...To make a long story short, i was back outside to get his cigarettes, and i was terrified!! i looked around for him as i quickly did my job then ran back to the house. but he was gone and running back to his saucer, i'm sure. now, this story gets even more strange! i buried this incident in the back of my mind and pretty much forgot about it. until, in 1971 i happened to see a book on ufo's in my junior high school library. i thought to myself, "what is this!" i started reading it and to my shock and horror, it described what we knew about aliens up to that point. it described what i saw years earlier!! i became a ufo fanatic, reading everything that i could find on the subject. i would spend hours every night watching the stars wishing that i could see them again. i even started dreaming about aliens and their flying saucers. one night, it happened!! an orange glowing dome shaped ufo was 400 yards away from me hovering 100 feet above the ground in a sub-division waving a bright spot light down on the ground searching for someone. a woman in the area pulled over and got out of her car and slammed the door. as soon as she slammed the door, the ufo silently took off diagonally leaving a florescent blue vapor from underneath the ufo. then a white smoke ring came out from under it simultaneously making a sonic boom. then the ufo righted itself, then went through a spectrum of colors then simply disappeared!! the ufo one full second later re-appeared 2 miles away from where it disappeared, then it stayed there for 2 seconds then wobbled off and disappeared over the mountain range that was 20 miles away in 2 seconds!! without a doubt in my mind that ufo was looking for me!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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