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Monday, March 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 1951-05-16 15:03:00 - Two round, bright white, quiet heading s., then intermingled with other objects, then circled with them, giving off colors or red and green. other kids at the schoolyard witnessed them also.

I was about 17 y/o at a schoolyard just after dusk. many kids there too! it was about an angle of 70 degrees from eastern horizon, so they (2 objects) were very obvious. 1957-58 area. i thought they might be craft of another kind because they were definitely round and quiet. many of us watched as they headed south and reached about 15 degrees above southern horizon. they headed south and mingled, then circled around each other with at least 2 other craft of the same kind, though the distance at that mingling time was quite far, maybe 10-15 miles from our vantage point? the last i remember was that they were circling around each other and changing (or emitting,) different colors as they did so! after coming back to the schoolyard after the call, the objects were gone!! i had no emotional reaction at all, just curious! one of my friends and i went to the nearest telephone booth and called some weather station and reached a lady who answered the call! i explained what we had seen, she left for a minute or so, then came back and stated that no such objects were sighted by them at least! that was it!! a few other sightings through the years as well, and i always said to people: "if you started looking up instead of on the ground looking for money, you would probably see some too?"

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Credit: MUFON

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