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Friday, March 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Carolina on 2018-03-23 01:00:00 - Between 1 and 5 am witnessed 4 exact same crafts and a huge one that looked like a crescent moon

my house (alone on a mountain with no light pollution) and went out back at 1am for a cigar. as i went out for my cigar i saw what i thought was the moon until i quickly realized that it was way too crescent shaped and that the moon is currently visible on the other side of my property. after a couple seconds of watching i noticed a ball of light at the edge of the crescent towards the middle of the object. i called my father who lives a few miles away to see if he could see this "second moon" from his house. as he was looking for it, what appeared to be the crescent moon began to recede towards the ball of light. once they fully retracted the ball of light became a much brighter white/yellow. as this was happening my father found the object and reported the same thing. he also saw another object further north that he alerted me to and i was able to witness as well. this object was much further away and had an illuminated crescent with 3 smaller round star like objects behind it. almost like a tail. it best resembled the outline of a horeshoe crab. it was alone in the sky with no visible stars around. it looked to move around slightly and sort of glisten. at this point my dad is freaked out and wants to go inside and calm down. i had also alerted my fiance inside and she saw both objects which terrified her. she thought we were gonna get abducted and was worried for the kids safety. i continued watching and between 1am and 5am i witnessed another 3 crafts that were identical to the second one i saw. it looked like the other 4 were all slowly heading towards the largest/closest crescent shaped object. at 2:45 am the objects looked to have formed a diamond shaped pattern. during this ordeal i honestly thought that eith ww3 was starting and these were some top secret weapons or as crazy as this sounds, but they were crafts from far away. the entire 4 hours i was outside felt like 10 mins. it was freezing outside but i couldn't bring myself to stop watching no matter how numb my hands got. i've never felt such an adrenaline rush. the only reason i stopped watching was because the sky had gotten too light to see them anymore. i'm truly baffled and so are my fiance and father. it was a truly extraordinary experience. i also have 2 videos and 5 pictures. you cam clearly see lights but they were so far away and i only had my phone as a camera. i want to attach the images, videos and sketches but am on my phone and not sure how to do it.

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Credit: MUFON

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