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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2018-03-24 16:15:00 - I noticed it in photo seconds after taking the photo. i never saw it, heard it. turns out my photo has a split second of video and it covers a ton of ground in the split second.

I was walking my dog up fair park ave in eagle rock ca on 3/24/18. i was at the corner of college view ave. it was a nice afternoon and i had never seen this view of eagle rock so i decided to take a photo of the actual rock in the distance. as i framed up the photo i thought. you may not be able to recognize the rock in the distance. i take the photo, immediately select it and enlarge it to see if you can recognize the eagle rock in the background. as i enlarged it i see this spec and was startled. still standing in the spot, mere seconds later i look up and there is nothing there. i never actually saw it, only in the picture. there was no helicopter, blimp, drone, jet or any noise. if it had been any one of those things it would have still been there. it was strange enough that i felt compelled to put it right into social media. people said blimp, etc. some said a dirty lens. i knew enough about cameras that if it was a spec on my lens that it wouldn’t look like this. it would be blurry and not hard edges, and pixelating when enlarged. i even did an experiment later that day. i put a rather large piece of black pepper in the center of my lens and took a pic of the sky. i was correct, it was so blurry that the camera basically focuses around it and it become a large darker portion of the sky eliminating the spec on my lens theory. i’ll include this experiment photo with my 3 attachments, two photos and one video. here is where it gets good. later that night i was flipping through my iphone photos. it’s a relatively new phone to me and i noticed some time ago after getting this phone that when i flip through my still photos there is a split second of video attached. about 1/2 to 1 second. i have now idea why or for what purpose, but it does. anyway, i flipped on the the picture in question and i didn’t see the spec! and then there it was. i flipped back and forth and realized that i caught a split second of video of this object and it is covering a ton of ground in the tiny moment! it comes from the far right side of my lens to where it rests in the photo in that split second. that’s when i knew i had something i strange and felt compelled to file this report. i’ll attach 3 things. 1) the photo with the object in the center frame above the eagle rock. it’s above and slightly to the left of the blue city bank tower in the forground. 2) the pepper on the lens experiment outruling a dirty lens. 3) a vide shot from my wife’s phone of me flipping between the pictures showing an example of the split second video and the motion of the object. thank you for your time and opinion, bb

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Credit: MUFON

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