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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sugar Grove, Illinois on 1988-05-19 19:15:00 - Was screamed at several time by an entity from 10 to 15 yards away that had very large eyes and teeth and moved very very fast.

my girlfriend and i were fishing at a stone quarry that was pretty much surrounded by corn fields and some small patches of light forest and shrubbery. the sun had just set and we were behind stone walls inside the small quarry so it was getting darker a little faster. one side of the quarry the stone wall was elevated 40 feet, (that is the side we face while fishing) while the area behind us slowly rose to a corn field edged by shrubbery and small trees. the edge of the trees and shrubbery is about 15 to 20 yards behind us. we were sitting on the edge of the water contemplating packing up when all of a sudden we heard this very loud roar. and i mean loud. it made us both jump up instantly. it roared (howled) again. i could see the outline of a creature with a large head and large eyes. i grabbed my flashlight and shined it at the creature. it had very large greenish orangish oval eyes. it roared again and you could see very large predator like teeth. then it moved through the trees and shrugs so fast we could not see it move until it was at it's next destination. then it roared again. it had a roar that was not like anything that lives on this planet. especially in il. i can still mimic the sound that it made. it was very scary. the creature was at it's closest 10 yards and maybe 50 yards at it's furthest. the eyes reminded me of a large reptiles. the next day i went back with my friend to see if i could see anything or any signs of anything. i could not see anything such as tracks or broken limbs. nothing my buddy and i started fishing. we were there about and hour when it started to get dark again. we packed up we started to walk up the short path to my jeep when we both stopped in our tracks. coming across the cornfield at treetop level was a craft. it had several lights on it and it had a large light that shined on us for a few seconds. then it made a 45 degree turn and went out of the atmosphere in the blink of eye. the craft the we saw did not have a sound. we were pretty much surrounded by the stone quarry. we could here a pin drop on the other side but this craft did not have a sound.

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Credit: MUFON

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