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Friday, March 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lytham Saint Anne’s , England on 2008-05-10 00:00:00 - Black rectangle huge craft

I was waiting for my freind just before 1am on the corner of st albans road and saint david’s road lytham saint anne’s uk. it was silent with no one around , no wind etc. i had no interest or real concept of ufos at the time. never given them a real thought and at the time i certainly was not. i heard and saw nothing but had a 6th sense instinctual feeling all of a sudden to look up. when i did i saw a giant black rectangle craft gently drifting to a stop directly above me with me at the centre. it was moving into position 2mph and was so big the only way i conceived it was moving is because itv entered above me. then it stopped. i was mouth agape totally amazed at what i was seeing and how it could just sit there suspended. it was at least a football pitch in size more likely 3 football pitches. it’s black blended in with the sky perfectly but on approach i could see it’s thin size in comparison to the base. the sides had no windows or lights just uniform black. the base had 1 white light in each corner of an otherwise massive black rectangle. it blocked all stars from view and as i watched amazed and entranced sporadic lights started to appear on its base. more and more appeared and some dominant round ones appeared sporadically around the edge of the base. a huge red light appeared in the centre with a white light around it. it to this day reminds me of the japan 🇯🇵 flag. the sporadic circular lights around the edge of the base became uniform gradually and went around it anti clockwise in succession and were green red orange yellow blue and purple. the more i stared at it the more it was coming to life as if it was gearing up to something like how a jellyfish attracts prey in the dark. this took about 3-4 minutes when i suddenly came back to my surroundings and realised i was in a position of potential danger. i backed away from the massive craft backwards keeping my eyes on it the whole time and my thought as i left to intercept my freind was “wow i left before it did”. my last sight of it it remained in its place so iv no idea how long it stayed for. years later i was telling my wife about it and i casually googled large black rectangle craft on google images not expecting anything but wishing there was so i could show my wife i was amazed to see many images and photos of exactly what i saw. i knew i wasn’t crazy etc but to have the images and people’s accounts of the same craft was great. i believe it was alien or inter dimensional and that it they were very aware of me. i was too amazed to have any fear until i came to my senses 4 minutes later and backed away as it’s intensity of activation on the base became very intense. i would tell this story to god himself because it is the truth. thank you for taking my report.

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Credit: MUFON

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