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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey on 2018-03-24 04:15:00 - Had a strange feeling in my stomach, got out of bed and saw outside window, over trees.

I was laying in bed when i got a strange feeling in my gut. i heard a plane fly over my house and i had to get up. i went into the room adjacent to mine and looked out both windows. saw plane flying from west to east but still had feeling. left that window to look out another and saw a larger than plane-like light that was bright orangeish and almost pulsing then another. i ran into my room, got my phone and ran back to the window. when i started recording the lights had gone from two to one to two then 3. it seemed to be triangular then i saw a fourth light and knew this wasn’t like one’s i’ve seen in the past, it was amazing to finally capture on video what i knew was a u.F.O. or a u.A.P. whatever the term, it was a ufo to me. the lights were not all the same intensity and it almost appeared to have a rhythm or synchronization at first then random. each light would brighten and dim but one was always the brightest at a given time. they slowly would rise a little and drop or go to the left or right. they looked like they were about to form a line when out of the left of the object a second smaller object came to check them out. i thought it maybe a commercial airliner or government craft with white lights but this seemed to fly irregularly as well and came close to the original object maybe 100 yards and then the white lights backed off and disappeared in the tree line. this was something i never saw before, one craft inspect another or at least come close the leave. as the object’s lights began to dim the phone stopped recording, went black and fell from my had by the time i picked it up and began recording again the object had vanished or moved out of sight. i will never forget this feeling and will use it as a beacon to look to the skies. all recording was from my iphone x.

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Credit: MUFON

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