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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Ontario on 1977-07-12 22:08:00 - Object hovered over power lines to houses..Creatures in windows observing me

From the house front porch i saw an object on a warm summer night about 10pm rise up from behind a tree line in the near by cemetery..I could see lights and it headed straight at my me.. a very slow rate...It decended n hovered 3 feet above the powerlines at the corner of the street i lived on...I walked over to it ..Only a hundred feet and looked right at the whole unit...This was a vertical unit with 6 sides..5 winodws stacked on top of each other from bottom to top...5 windows for each side...\ out of the top were six antenna..Something like the ones that were on sputnik..There were also six antenna the same type on the bottom.. three exhaust port holes in the underside of the unit ..It hovered perfectly still..No sound...I also saw a larger alien form walkin in behind the young ones looking out the panes...They slowly began to move along top of these power lines ..Then a small burst of flame came from the bottom twice .Two short bursts ..It rose about 2 feet...Then a humming sound and it proceeded down the road to the main section of town huggin right above the powerlines...It certainly was a great experience and i never felt threatened...This was a long time ago and over the years i have always stayed interested in any ufo event..It made me a believer..I wrote to you because in all my years looking at books ,documentaries and ufo videos ,coast to coast am, i have never heard anyone describe a unit like i witnessed...A vertical flying unit....Thanks and keep up the great work

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Credit: MUFON

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