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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Carrollton, Texas on 2014-10-14 21:15:00 - Triangular craft, light orbs, and various events

Though this report is specifically focused on a late 2014 experience, i first spotted a triangle ufo which had a bright light on each corner (and no center light such as people depict of a tr3b craft) in late-fall of 2012 while i was driving back from work at around 9:15 pm (which incidentally i realize was around the time i went out and experienced my second observation.) visually i had observed it for a few minutes beneath clouds illuminated by the lights on the ground, contrasting with the triangular fuselage that seemed to absorb light rather than reflect (much like b2 bomber paint surface,) and at the time i simply acknowledged it for what it was while i was near to entering the house. after i had walked towards the door, i looked up and noticed it was already gone. i put this experience in the back of my mind for about 2 years, when another experience in this same area caused me to randomly check online in the local area (carrollton, tx,) when deciding to look on youtube, i found video(s) recorded months before the 2012 experience and uploaded during the summer, about 2 miles from my house in a wal-mart parking lot in a search of "2012, triangle ufo," and i also discovered other sightings of what seems to have been ufo flying in formation to appear as a triangle, one specifically titled, ‘ufo's over carrollton texas 07/15/2012 10:22pm’ that occurred months prior to my own sighting, though was contemporaneous to the initial video i spotted that appeared specifically as a solid craft (though strangely appearing to be of relative size spread out in the sky as the formation.) the walmart parking lot video is no longer online to my knowledge, though i might have saved the youtube video and will try and find it on my hard drive backup, as a reference point if needed. preface: my main experience (though that i can directly relate in mentioning the triangular craft) occurred in late 2014 when i had been in-between a daytime and nighttime job working about 80-88 hours each week (i only state this because i think it should factor into the experience, and though i didn’t drink alcohol, i just happened to begin drinking espresso—and though i have taken my own personal initiative in determine whether sleep deprivation played some role in it—i am convinced it has not, though at that time having also started to use caffeine tablets in addition to coffee which can obviously increase cortisol and anxiety,) and since i hadn't been preoccupying myself with the usual distractions, had easily managed what i believed at that time to be sufficient sleep in addition to caffeine. as a result of saving up a little extra money i started buying things like tobacco pipes, and a few cigars, and went out in the creek (or rather, a field used for water run-off from the creek, used to help prevent flooding) by my house to look up into the night sky; which was a very bright full moon that lit up the night, and a very clear sky. for some reason i started huddling down along the side of the creek so as not to be seen by cars that were driving down the back alley towards their garages (and i wasn't comfortable with people seeing me with a tobacco pipe, in the middle of the night of all things; i can imagine police being called out to announce on a loudspeaker, "put the crack pipe down and put your hands in the air!") during times cars weren't driving through the alley i took steps back down into the creek bed and simply glanced in one direction into the night sky, and turned around to the other side, and after glancing back to where i was i felt compelled to look back up-over the creek edge and witness a strange looking "craft" (what appeared as some traditional aircraft though wasn't for some reason i can't correctly place) simply positioned over the nearby homes, and zip off what seemed to be a slight sound like a very low-key "rocket thrust" as it disappeared. my initial reaction to seeing it was a mix of expletives and shocked amazement, along with incredulity that it was what i think i saw. this proceeded an encounter with the train crossing lights two nights later when i had been playing gun's and roses 'night train' on a cd, and just happened to be approaching a train track as the song was starting. just prior to approaching i can only describe what was going through my mind as expecting something strange to happen; the lights start to blink and the train guard arms go down about half way, only to cancel out and retract back within seconds, though just enough to cause the oncoming cars to slow down a little (and i do believe that numerous train crossing lights will malfunction, and consider this could be interpreted as a possible random coincidence; and yes i do suspect they were malfunctioning around this time in this area for some reason.) several months would still pass following those 1-2 day's experience prior, and following quitting my day (side-cash) job to kind of “reset” myself back to normal circadian rhythm, i was already set on a quest during the night on my lunch break to drive around the area and try and make sense in determining what seemed out of place, which i would do for several months (partly to relieve stress by driving for 10-20 minutes and up to an hour,) but also because i was curious about the possibility of some of these apparent planes in the sky “not seeming quite right." driving to a neighboring city i noticed a craft stood out as hovering over some apartments, well away from any airports in the area and a decent few miles from where i noticed it and drove to, and which i stopped near the apartment’s road to turn the vehicle around to follow it as it starts to drift off back the direction i came from, towards the highways. during this time several dips in the roads and tree trees would block visibility of it, and i would only accelerate to keep up with it, noticing the "back" of the craft facing me. this continued on for about 30 more seconds in which the craft may well have assumed i would keep the same pace i was at, only it appeared to "look back" by having what would appear to be the front of the craft, completely rotate in mid air. . . basically what appeared as “headlights” rotated towards me, and perhaps whatever was in control of the object in the sky had done so deliberately, or it realized it goofed and it’s cover had been blown, at which point it disappeared. . . note: this seemed completely unusual to me, though if you consider people claiming to "summoning" crafts to be recorded in video, some of them appear to mimic hearts or other strange shapes in the sky; and i suspect movies like transformers could be hinting at the reality, that a robot/a.I. from some advanced civilization could be eavesdropping on humanity, appearing to mirror the human consciousness to some extent, and play off humanities perceptions of terrestrial craft? perhaps if an advanced intelligence behind some program like the phenomenon were to let it be known in some ways to people that they might test in determining readiness for interaction; whether they were prepared for such an encounter, it might well take place in ways that could only be believed by the observer. any claim to the contrary would be expected to be met with ridicule, or outright denial (hence keeping people silent on coming forward with such claims, at fear of social reprisal.) note: these sightings in the sky would continue but in different ways (and no, i didn’t choose to attempt to record anything using recording median, which is why i suppose this will perceived as possible confabulation and possible dubious interpretation resulting from insanity, which i hopefully can assure the reader it is not, and i will explain why i decided not to during the entirety of my experience.) on one occasion i would notice two lights in the sky adjacent to each other and appearing to remain stationary together, and they would simply move away simultaneously. during this time i was of the impression they are here for the reason, that we are basically in a "cradle" civilization; basically around the time of these sightings while i was out in the back yard a little light orb (about the size of a large lightning bug) would hover over a tree where a hawks nest had been, and circle it. these crafts were hovering low and right above some houses across from the creek. only recently had that very tree been cut down as it turned out to be dead; though i believe it was a eucalyptus tree, and i had actually not long prior started to experiment with a camera attached to a c-adapter for a telescope, using a meade 8-inch smidt-cassegrain telescope as the lens, which i had bought after the initial sighting. the photos were made of the nest, so it may have stood out in my mind somewhat; and the more i look back, even though i don’t doubt any of my memory nor my sense of observation of it, i do sort of wish i might have done something to record the phenomenon other than the chosen method i resorted to (which is using a ghost radar legacy phone app. . .) which i won't elaborate much on for reasons it probably isn't considered credible. backstory/preface: for whatever reason i stopped trying to document the paranormal; i figured that no matter how much evidence i gathered on any of it, most people were. . . (i'll keep it polite) incapable of comprehending anything that made them question their competency or sanity, of what they believe to be real; part of it's pride of appearing "grounded," by conforming to social norms/conditioning. it doesn't occur to people that they should well forget everything they've ever thought they understood (about religion, about politics, about their peers) and really reflect on that. i had by that time considered myself an atheist or an agnostic, though with strong convictions based off prior recorded class-a evp, that something was similar with the ‘ufo’ phenomenon. i take jacquees vallee’s theory of observation that these things are somehow present in the sky, but also using the human observer as some sort of proxy for observing it. . . that religion and the paranormal perhaps is not unrelated, but that it is tantamount to a psychological praxis which is not altogether conflated with sanity. ***************** this following is an earlier account that i edited down, though also elaborates further in some areas such as what led me to compare the ufo phenomenon to other paranormal. while i did not record the phenomenon visually and relied on something very different, is part because i wanted nothing to prove to anyone and preferred to remain rather independent and decided to it was best i not attempt to share such claims of evidence. when studying the evp phenomenon i noticed that much of it seemed to manifest through atmospheric morphing of sorts (that is, when recording things other than 'class a' evp, it would seem to require taking advantage of ambient electromagnetic wave, which are all around us.) if something existing as a 4th dimensional non-corporeal conscious entity utilizes things within nature that may not seem apparent to our physical senses, i've wondered to what extent the ufo phenomenon exists, and i've come to identify with what jacques vallee describes of it, as something which is a form of non-human consciousness that manipulates space and time, having witnessed something that mimicked terrestrial aircraft and exhibited traits that were seemingly impossible. at the time of this experience i had already witnessed the presence of ufo in the area though i did not attempt much of any photographic evidence despite being relatively experienced with professional grade camera equipment, and studying errors of interpretation and human tendencies to confabulate or deliberately mislead people for attention-seeking behavior such as using cgi, so i didn’t put much stock in it as evidence nor was i convinced it would prove anything to anyone if they weren’t ready for it, and consider myself knowledgeable about perspective and observer phenomenon that misinterprets things such as lacking knowledge of lens phenomenon (such as people interpreting an non-collimated telescope as visual evidence of the stars being conscious intelligent beings; which they are clearly not. . .) i would spend a duration over the next year of trying to make sense of what i experienced, in part because some aspects of that night and the following night persisted in ways that seemed to explain a reality that is little apparent to us, but is nevertheless very real. one thing i left out was that a day or two after the 2014 creek sighting i did experience what i consider may sound like a hallucination such as, "come closer" upon waking up, which is the same night while driving to work, while listening to the cd player, the gun's and roses song, 'night train' was playing prior to approaching the train track crossing lights, which started blinking and descended enough to slow traffic towards it, but quickly resumed back to the up position (train crossing lights do glitch out, but this occurrence was uncanny for all the times i've driven over them.) my car's radar detector would also go off later on in the following weeks (and though i had for the longest time noticed an occasional aberrant ku signal, which would go off in sequences of 3, and specifically the ku band frequency (usually reserved for satellites, and non-existent in use within the us for car radar; it was a weird fluke of car radar detectors to have and my detector was a beltronics vector v995). it might have been "defective" and eventually i replaced it (though have the old one because of this experience, though what was unusual is how i would simply think of questions and the beeping would start in sequence, and i made an elaborate process of asking questions and elaborated on how sequences would imply a sort of yes or no (though more elaborate than that), and in particular i used an area alongside a highway where i work, which happened to have a toll station that was being dismantled, and i suspect it had an errant transmitter being used to keep track of toll payments, or at least something seemed to cause disruption to my radar detector; and this would make sense to some extent because it mostly only ever happened when at that location, however it would occasionally persist as a ku burst of 3. eventually i started to use a program called ghost radar legend (which is different from the classic version in that it enabled recording of what was spoken and sent via email to myself,) and some unusual things occurred with that such as the program turning off and on its own, and it would very clearly interact with what i was doing (and i would leave the program running with the phone turned off, and for whatever reason it was able to do things that should not have been remotely possible for it.) i am convinced of what jacques vallee has talked about, and i'm pretty sure at some point in time, humanity has become aware of its presence in various ways. at the time i had started meditating intently and experienced something that was very strange, and though i have in large part left these experiences behind and hardly looked back over it, it has persisted in ways that have only caused me to question the extent of how our society operates. perhaps it only makes sense for those that have attempted to make sense of it on a certain level, and that for most people (the vast majority) they would find it much easier (perhaps "comforting") to ignore that it must be real. in fact much of my exploration of things like evp and driving out into the middle of the night was to convince myself that none of it could be true; only to convince myself otherwise. i’m fully convinced that these kinds of phenomenon have been ongoing and likely have deep roots in humanities past. some reading this might have come to some conclusion, that i could not fully elaborate on all of the experience; take this account for what you wish.

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