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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Rexford, New York on 1994-03-31 00:00:00 - Directly above

My husband, now deceased, and i were planting rose bushes alongside our private road. it was a very blue and cloudless sky overhead. across the one lane road is a wooded area. we were next to a wooded area on our side as well. we were busy digging when suddenly we were in shadow. i was surprised by the sudden shade so.I looked straight up toward the sky. i was staring up into the underbelly of what i thought was a plane. it was remarkable in that it was totally silent and there were no bolts or indents for landing gear. it was black and totally smooth underneath and stood there above us long enough to give us a good look. the inner part of the wings were long and smooth with no square cut outs like i’ve seen on airplanes that look similar. at the time i thought it might have been a stealth bomber and i wasn’t too concerned because we lived about a mile from the county airport and were used to air shows, strange planes, blue angels etc. i don’t remember it leaving. i have recently learned that an aircraft without seams, bolts, etc might be a ufo. for years i suffered from esp as did my mother and grandmother before me. i frequently had premonitions and knowledge of future events. many of them were painful and involved strangers. i tried to suppress it for many years and it has mostly retreated. one time my husband and i were driving down the road and he was saying that he did not believe in ufos or aliens so i kidded him and started to call out to the aliens to , “ beam him up, scotty!” in my minds eye i quickly saw the face of a grey dressed in a white space suit and i immediately got scared and asked him not to take him because it would be so frightening that i wasn’t sure he could withstand the shock. the face then disappeared. i have reported other sightings to mufon and have always found these white clad aliens to be respectful and even kind like this.

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Credit: MUFON

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