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Saturday, March 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in South Lake Tahoe, California on 2015-12-04 00:00:00 - Telepathically invited aboard unseen reptilian craft. physical contact with 3+ reptilian beings.

Hello. i am a resident of northern california. i am writing to describe an incident/experience that occurred on 12/04/2015. the delay in reporting was due to my lack of trust in anything resembling a government organization, and because i wasn't sure if it would be appreciated by the entities i was contacted by. after being unable to re-establish contact, i am prepared to discuss my experience. i will describe what i experienced to the best of my ability without adding my own interpretation, unless noted. some attributes of mine which may or may not be relevant: blonde blue eyes blood type: o- swollen joints above avg iq experience with talking to owls at night when i was very young hypersensitive to temperature, light, electricity recluse non-religious my experience: in the year leading up to the incident, i had come across a youtube account (faustoufo) where a man regularly posted video footage of ufos. he would invite the public to join him in various parks in l.A. and all of the attendees would summon ufos and post recordings of the craft in the sky. i found that faustoufo had a video describing how he was able to accomplish this. his instructions essentially stated "balance/activate chakras, meditate, repeat mantra requesting the appearance of ufos". on 11/07/2015 i was home alone and received a text from my sister asking "did they come for you?". i didn't know what she was talking about, so she told me that it was all over the internet that ufos were hovering over california. this is the night that the blue "missile test" (lol) occurred over la/sd, and ufos were seen as far north as truckee. on this night, i had a feeling that i was somehow connected to this event and went out into the night to seek contact. that night, i saw no ufos, nor was i contacted in any way. in october 2015 i began following his instructions in earnest, but altering the mantra to request physical contact. on october 31st (halloween), sometime around midnight, i was home alone reading something on my laptop when i began to feel as though i was slipping into some type of trance. i had not consumed any chemicals of any kind, but felt as though i was entering an altered state of consciousness. as i stared off into space, it seemed as if a portal of some sort was forming in my bedroom, where the door to the living room would normally be. i became confused, and concerned, and tried to regain lucidity. at that time the wind began howling outside. although when i looked outside i could not see any trees moving, nor was there any evidence that the wind was blowing. eventually i thought i could hear in the wind "[my name], come outside". initially i thought i was just hearing things, but after some time it became undeniable that i was being summoned. this was around midnight on halloween. when i went to the window to see if there was anyone out there who might be calling for me, i saw flashing lights all over my house. my first thought was that police/firemen/emts must be outside with their lights on. but under closer investigation, there was no sign of any emergency vehicles. i could not find the source of the light. they seemed to be coming from above my house. this is when it occurred to me that perhaps i was being summoned by extraterrestrials or alien lifeforms, because a week previously i had been following faustoufo's instructions and had been requesting alien contact in meditation. i had asked myself, a week earlier, if i would be afraid if i was actually contacted. i had assured myself that if i was successful, that i would be without fear. but, on the night of halloween, i was almost incapacitated by fear. i was shaking uncontrollably. but i got dressed and went outside to see who was calling for me. i looked above the house to see if there was anything with flashing lights, but at this time all the lights were gone and the wind had died down considerably. i wandered around in the streets alone for a few minutes, and then ran back in my house overcome with fear. i had followed faustoufo's instructions 5-10 times, with no results. i did not attempt the meditation practice again until dec 4th. on december 4th, i was home alone, and decided to once again attempt to make physical contact with extraterrestrial (or intraterrestrial) biological entities. i used bi-naural beats found on youtube to activate and balance my chakras while i meditated. i then began repeating the following mantra for about a half hour. aliens in the sky, i love you; please show yourself to me. aliens in the sky, i love you; please come to my home tonight. aliens in the sky, i love you; please help me raise my consciousness tonight. when nothing happened after about an hour, i gave up, and decided to try astral projection (intentional out of body experience) instead. i used a youtube video that was called something like "bashar/elan lightbody activation". it is no longer available, but it was basically a guided meditation to leave your physical body. i am and was fairly certain at the time that i was successful, and was able to perceive my phsyical body and physical surrounding while hovering a couple feet above my body. i was then interrupted by noise from neighbors, and "snapped back" into my body. then i laid down and began listing to music on my headphones, while laying in bed. after perhaps an hour of listening to a single band on shuffle, i began to hear a background singer with a female voice. this was strange to me, because there are no females in the band. so i turned off the music, and the voice remained. i took my headphones out, and the voice seemed to originate from within my own head. (i should state that i am not a drug addict, and have had no mental health issues. i was not under the influence of any substances on this night.) the voice greeted me, and i asked her (mentally/telepathically) about with whom i was speaking. my side of the conversation was silent, and only in thought, and i received audible responses that seemed to be inside my own head. the conversation as i recall it: her: hello, [my name]. me: hello. who is this? her: your twin-flame. me: and who might that be? her: i am every woman that you have ever loved. i am always near you. me: i don't believe you. her: [quotes something i said to a woman i had asked to marry me some years before, that only her and i would have known] me: well, if you are in my head and have access to my thoughts, of course you would know that. her: from 2009-2013, you had been sporadically urinating blood. you never discovered the cause. would you like to know? me: yes. her: you had mercury poisoning. me: how? her: fillings in your teeth. (at this time, i was not aware that mercury was used in fillings. i later confirmed this fact.) me: <awestruck> her: you are afraid of dying alone, but you have nothing to fear. you and i will eventually be together. hearing this, it felt as though a knot had been untied in my chest/heart, and it felt like i had fluid pouring out of my heart. i was overwhelmed by energy flowing through me. her: you see? that's better. you've been trying to contact aliens, but your heart chakra was blocked due to your fear. would you still like to be contacted by aliens? me: yes. her: they will contact you now. male voice: hello [my full name]. do you want to be contacted by aliens? me: yes. male: what type of aliens would you like to be contacted by? me: pleiadians. male: what if we are not pleiadian? me: i'm willing to be contacted by anyone who is willing to contact me. male: what if we are reptilian? it was as though i could feel him probing my thoughts and emotions. somehow i could tell that he was attempting to detect any ill-will or malice. this is my interpretation of what i was feeling. for some time before this, ever since i first began researching the extraterrestrial situation, i was under the impression that reptilians are the enemy of humans, and the stories of the devil in the bible are describing a reptilian entity. only very recently before 12/04 (and after 11/07) did i come to the conclusion that reptilians were not "evil" by nature, and not necessarily the enemy of humankind. after having my thoughts and emotions "probed", i responded. me: i would have no problem with being contacted by reptilians. male: would you like to board our ship? me: i don't know. . . would i need to walk somewhere, like a field, where you can land? male: no. me: oh, you can probably teleport. . . i don't know. i'd have to smoke some weed, and think about it. but you're more than welcome to join me in my apartment. this is when all audible/telepathic communication ceased. as soon as the invitation was provided, i immediately saw several blurry figures appear in my living room. it was after midnight, and my apartment was almost completely dark. the blurry figures approached me, one at a time, and when we were face-to-face the area around their right eye became visible. my first impression was looking into the eye of a 4ft tall dinosaur. one at a time, they each approached me (three of them), and let me look into their eye for some amount of time. it seemed like an instant, but it also seemed as though what i saw couldn't have been seen in just an instant. although, i can no longer recall what it was i saw/experienced while looking into their eyes. but i did come away with the distinct impression that this was done to assure me that they felt no malice towards me. there were two that had green scales all around their brow ridge. large scales. the third one was more of a brownish color. the color that you might see on a dessert toad. a greenish golden brown, if that makes any sense. when they moved, i could see a blurry outline, in the dark. i could see that they had a tail, and were only about 4 ft tall. i got the impression that there was a larger one lurking behind them in the dark that did not "introduce" himself. in my head, i asked if i could see their entire body. but this request received no response. when i turned on the lights to try to get a better look at them, they were completely invisible. so, i turned the lights back off and could again see them milling about my apartment. i sat down on my couch dumbfounded, and began smoking marijuana to help me relax. as i was sitting there, i was having thoughts along the lines of "i must be dreaming, or hallucinating". as i thought this, a screen flipped open in front of my face, being held by one of the small walking reptiles. the screen was shaped like sunglass lenses without any arms, and it folded in the middle. one of them flipped it open in front of my face, and there was a video playing. it was me, in my bedroom, in meditation, from earlier that night. they had been recording (?) me, as i was repeating my mantra. this led into me laying down on my bed, and then a bright light (in the video) came out of my body and was hovering like a star above my body. it was as though they had read my mind, and were assuring me that i was indeed awake, and receiving the contact that i requested. throughout the night as i just sat there on the couch, trying to figure out what was going on, the screen would flip open in front of my face, and there would be some video that was addressing the thoughts in my head. throughout the entire night, i never made any attempt to speak to them verbally. i got the impression that we needed to remain silent, as to not draw attention from anyone else. but that is my interpretation. there was almost no sound from them whatsoever, even when they were milling about in my apartment. there wasn't ever a single footstep heard or any creaking of floorboards. the only sound was a strange "swishing" or "whooshing" type sound that occurred whenever they moved. initially i thought they were brushing up against paper or something in my apartment, but later realized that there was no paper. i have no idea what this sound was about. i also cannot remember the majority of the videos that they showed me. i noticed this immediately. i would be sitting there thinking about something, and they would "respond" with a video, and it would set my mind off in deep thought, but as soon as i looked away from the video, they would snap the screen shut, and i'd no longer be able to recall what i was just looking at. the only video i can remember is the one where i was hovering over my own body. this had a very strong effect on me. and i believe there was some video that concerned my ex-gf. i don't recall what the video about her showed, but i remember it made me think about her. at several points during the night, i would be sitting on the couch dumbfounded or lost in thought when all of a sudden a pinpoint of golden light would appear out of nowhere right in front of my face. this happened at least 3 times, but i was only ever able to remember 2 of the incidents. the first time, the pinpoint of gold light appeared, and as i watched it, it began to fall down in sparkles (pixie dust is the best way i can describe it), and the "dust" would take the shape of a 3d object. the first object was a golden scarab. the last object was a viking head. the viking head had no helmet, only braids. but somehow i immediately identified it as viking. at the time, i had no idea what these images were in reference to. they were completely lost on me. i had nothing i could connect them to. they were completely meaningless. eventually the sun began to rise, and i was feeling tired and exhausted and frustrated with the lack of clear communication. so, i just laid down in bed. (this is when the viking head appeared). as i lay in bed, i could still see them in the dim light wandering about my apartment. eventually i fell asleep. when i woke up, everything was back to normal. a month later, i became concerned that i was too old to start a family (a high priority of mine), and would not have enough time to begin a relationship, allow it to develop into a marriage/partnership, and then have children while i am still young enough to enjoy their youth. i was not depressed in the conventional sense. but, based on my understanding of re-incarnation, i decided that if my primary goal for this life was not feasible that it might be a good idea to commit suicide, and then start fresh with a new life. but, still thinking about what my "twin flame" said, i decided to once again attempt to meditate and summon the voice/aliens in order to ask them specific questions about what my purpose is here on earth. i received no response, and no contact, that i could detect, initially. so i asked for a sign concerning my life purpose. that same night a neighbor of mine asked me if i would like to read a national geographic magazine they had. the magazine issue was all about vikings. and one of the pictures in the magazine was an image of a viking head with braids, and no helmet. i believe it was the same image that the entities showed me. but i cannot be certain. at the time, i thought it a mild coincidence and thought little more of it until. . . the next morning, when the mail came, i had a letter from my sister (mailed 5 days earlier). it was concerning c.G. jung and a patient of his that was making no progress in therapy until she attempted to describe a dream to dr. jung that she was having difficulty recalling until a beetle flew in the window of his office. the beetle reminded the patient that the dream was about a golden scarab. the golden scarab represented death and rebirth, and the acausal coincidence of the beetle was an instance of "synchronicity", which lets us know that we are in the right place, at the right time. this shook me to my core, and i accepted that whatever was happening was meant to happen, and that i should continue on with this life. since then i have made several attempts to re-establish contact, without much luck. now i am just trying to make sense of all this, and i would like to know if anyone else has ever had any experiences like this. in my research, i have not been able to find many references to small velociraptor-like reptilian aliens. the entities had tails and did not appear like the description in the lacerta files. while reading david icke's "children of the matrix", there was one reference to reptilian aliens that made a "whooshing" sound when some woman was contacted. i read that book almost a year after the incident. aside from that, i don't know what is going on. i have no reason to believe that i'm crazy, or ill in any way. i have an extensive education, and was working on an m.S. in computer science before leaving school to pursue other interests. if there is anything you can do to shed light on this subject, i would greatly appreciate it.

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Credit: MUFON

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