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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hemel hempstead, England on 2018-03-02 14:15:00 - Sonic boom type sound hemel hempstead - nobody seems to care about it

Hi - i'd like to report an incident yesterday which i think was odd, out of the ordinary & i would describe as a ufo type case i'd like to submit. i live in hemel hempstead & was walking home from jarmans park at about 12.45pm - it was very cold,snowing, below 0degrees, me & a guy from college was walking across the footbridge to the shops & cinema/gym,skate park etc saw a black helicopter speed past overhead - it was odd becuase of the conditions & the speed - i know they do travel fast but this was into the horizon in under a minute. we joked about its likely an incident due to the weather. i left and went to look in h&m - in riverside the marlowes, at roughly 2.15 - 2.25pm i can't be sure of the time because my phone turned off as it was cold, very fine icey pellets were coming down, i walked across the footbridge when i heard a type of high pitched whoosh, & then a high pitched boom, up in the sky atmosphere. its heard to describe all of this but here goes - it seemed to emminate from the sw - it wasn't all around - more focused sound & up in the atmosphere, the sky was a steely grey off white color. the sound was bizarre - i'm not sure if anyones aware of the booms phenomena from a few years back uk & usa, i remember hearing it twice when i was still at school - both during the night. it seems to make a high pitched - hardly audible whoosh them boom, it wasn't anything normal like a building site etc & the other odd thing is everything seemed of to go still during the couple of seconds, also odd was the ground & windows shook slightly. not a voilent shake - more of a gentle echo as if tapped studily & vibrating. i was amongst say a dozen people, i asked if they heard that, the general repsonse was they look at you as if your a lunatic or - ain't got time for that nonsense, i looked over the bridge to below nobody seemed to look up or around or notice this event - it was truly wierd, i waited in the area for a few minutes when i saw 2 black helcpters go past in the direction of the boom, this is really odd to me, not just because of the weather condtions & timing but 2 flying close by - side by side not one after the other. i have contacted a few sources - the local newspaper, police & shopping center but as you'd guess all 3 have been dead losses, the local paper said it doesn't deal with stories like - & he sacasticly said go to the fbi with it. the policesaid they don't deal with things like that anymore as its a waste of theier time, the shopping center said report it to the police it concerns me that much, how can nobody not hear ths &not be curious, what was it,what cuased it, nothing just blank faces & couldn't give a damn attitude back to my facebook pahe - at least they got back to me quickly but i know i heard & like to submit this & see where it goes.

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Credit: MUFON

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