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Friday, March 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fremont, California on 1996-06-06 20:00:00 - Dumbell. 2 "bucky ball" gold reflective ends, cylindrical fuselage flat black in color. silent.

I was swimming in a pool doing a back stroke. i noticed the object in the distance approaching quickly from the sw descending towards the pool. i thought it was a hawk. it approached quiet quickly, silent, it descended to a low altitude (50 ft) slowed quickly to a slow hover. it traveled right over me, i stood up from my stroke in awe unable to speak and alert two others making out in the shallow end of the pool. my eyes did not leave the object, i was frozen in awe. the object was dumbbell shaped with gold "bucky ball" ends. the fuselage was flat black and barely reflected the pools lights off its body. the gold ends were quite reflective looking but dd not reflect the pools lights. it passed over me slowly the when it reached the end of the pool area after it passed over me it accelerated quickly upwards out of sight. the only sound i heard when closest to me was a whoosh of the wind it was breaking. i( left the area immediately after this event and never got the words out to the other people in the pool. they were oblivious to the event. i made a report to marv taylor my mufon rep in my area. i understand he passed and i never got a copy of my report.

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Credit: MUFON

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