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Saturday, March 31, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Charlotte, Michigan on 2014-10-14 22:15:00 - I watched a cloud come down from the sky right before me, seven fugures were looking at me, then moved off to my left.

I lived in an apartment building and didn't like to smoke inside, so i went downstairs and out the back door and down the sidewalk to the parking lot. its a good time to observe the weather, look at the stars, and do alone time thinking. i was a little stressed out with work and everything, and as i stood there i noticed a little thin cloud leave a larger one off in the distance, maybe fifteen miles away, and was the only one until i saw the little one drop down. i just stood there watching, and the little cloud was heading towards me from the south, until it reached the car ports on the other side of the parking lot. the side of the parking lot i was on was just one row of cars, none in front of me at the end of the sidewalk, and on the other side were car ports, one row on my side and people had to park in the carports on the other side. the car ports were in two segments, one for the two building on my side, and one for the other two building on my left, and the main driveway from the street cam up between the two side, so the carports on the other side had this big gap between them. i stood at the end of the sidewalk nearest the main driveway, and the cloud rested in place between the two carports, and even overlapped both carports. i just thought it interesting because i had never seen anything like that before, and what would cause that? i struggled in my mind at what i was looking at, trying to figure it out, until the shape came to me, it being very large i couldn't make it out, and then i saw it, it kind of reminded me of the original lost in space ship they traveled in, except there was no light on the top, and no lights on the bottom to suggest by any means of the source it flew by, it was just silent. the ship had two floors, and there were four square windows, two on the top, and two on the bottom, and there were seven figures all looking out the window on the bottom left, all observing me, with their round heads. the one thing that really stood out, were there round heads, and the ship was cloaked in a mist, outlining the ship and windows, and only made it fuzzy, but didn't hid what it was or who was inside. it would have been easy to miss, even if there were other people. i knew they had come for me, and i knew enough of how they communicated because of watching things like this, but at the time, i had not yet seen the barney and betty video, i didn't find that one for over a year after this. the ship and its crew moved off very slow to my left, and faded more and more into the dark until i couldn't see it any longer. during the five minutes i observed the ship, it remained the same, the hole time, and was fuzzy. it reminded me of a test, could i see them.

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Credit: MUFON

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