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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Johnston City, Illinois on 2018-03-16 02:43:00 - Starlike object darts in the sky, se path stops abruptly then moves slowly back and forth with a bright light that grows dim until communicates with me telepathically.

I was at home,got up to use the bathroom at 2:45 am. a bright light flashed and darted quickly out the bathroom window. it seemed to try and get my attention,it stopped and moved back and forth,slowly until i said to myself "i see you." i realized it was an extra terrestrial object by the unusual speed and its fluid movements. i wasn't afraid, merely intrigued. after watching it moving slowly left and right i believe it knew it had my attention. there it then started to hover with a light strobing bright and dim subsequently until i started communicating telepathically asking it to stay brightly lit for a yes answer and dim for a no answer. i asked it several questions. the light stopped strobing and would light brightly when i asked it a question and it's response was a yes answer. i telepathically asked if i would be afraid if i saw them up personal ...Bright light stays on (yes). i communicated that i was sorry. i asked if they were friendly...Brightly lit(yes)i asked if i would see this craft again...Dim light (no) i asked if i would see others like them...Light brightens(yes) there is no noise around. i keep asking questions...Are you here to help us...Bright light (yes) were you here on earth long before us...Bright light (yes) i ask,did you create us...Bright light (yes) are we your decendants...Bright light (yes) are you trying to advance human civilization...Bright light (yes)are higher officials trying to keep you secret...Bright light (yes) should i talk about this and let this conversation be known...Bright light (yes) my dog in another room starts a low quite growl yet there are no noises this whole time. i then walk away to check my sleeping toddler and say goodbye to them as i lay back in my bedroom. i'm wide awake in bed thinking about our conversation then suddenly it feels as if the air grows thin and cool and i'm suddenly unable to move. my room lights up with orbs similar to stars lit in the sky. it's a greenish appearance of light as well, then all of a sudden it's as if i'm sedated and unconscious.I lose track of time wake up abruptly as if only seconds have passed. i then feel as i have in the past after being under general anesthesia. my surrounding atmosphere is then back to normal.

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Credit: MUFON

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