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Monday, March 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Port Orange, Florida on 2018-03-24 13:35:00 - Shiny orbs directly overhead interacting with one another

Saturday, march 24th, 2018. warm weather, blue sky day, clear cloudless & chemtrail-less sky. beautiful florida spring day. my family went to port orange, florida for the annual spring festival at city center. while we were there, i was watching the skies (i can't keep my eyes on the ground, always looking up) and at first, i only seen one, a tiny silver orb moving across the sky a lot slower than it should have. don't know how i even spotted it, a tiny tiny pinpoint of light as small as a star at night, but there it was... i thought it was the iss at first, just a bright silver dot in a bright blue sky around 1:30pm. then it stopped in mid air! the iss doesn't do that. it just hovered there & as a cloud blew to the left, it uncovered so many more of them that i lost count around 15 as they began moving around above me, interacting with each other, forming shapes in the sky like triangles & squares of formations. i was blown away & my fiance was right beside me & couldn't see them! he has bad eyesight to begin with, but i was hoping he would see them too so i wouldn't seem so crazy ya know... i took my sunglasses off & they were still there! i tried to get my stupid phone to video or photograph them but they were too pale against the blue sky for my phone to capture & i didn't have any other cameras with me & i'm kicking my own ass for leaving my nikon at home... but they reminded me of the videos of lights people out in arizona have been posting on youtube, except this was in the daytime & i swear i have been tripping out over what i saw ever since! it's my first real ufo sighting & i'm 43 years old. i feel elated at my sighting & now i'm questioning everything lol. even now, 2 days later, i am getting giddy adrenaline rushes each time i recall what i seen. i know what i saw. i know it wasn't earthly... i have never been this excited over anything in my entire life!!! little ol insignificant me! i was shown something special & now i don't know what to do with it??? i will never be the same inside after this. the sad part is nobody believes me about it & i am so excited over it that i want to tell the world! ugh...

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Credit: MUFON

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