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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bishopbriggs, Scotland on 2016-05-10 00:00:00 - Group of small greys and one tall grey, medical procedure to help me.

This was about a year and a half ago, i had a lower back wisdom tooth out and so was recuperating in bed, i awoke at 03:30am to see firstly a little girl about 6 years old in the far corner of the room levitating for a better word in a static position which was really odd and just staring blankly at me, my attention quickly moved from her to movement in front of my bed about five floating grey aliens which seemed fascinated with my array of camera equipment and tripods which were set up as i was filming a promo in that room, it's a very large bedroom so i could easily use it as a studio too. despite being a very large room you had to be very careful walking around the equipment they float around the equipment with complet ease, inspecting the lenses and just seemed more fascinated with all the various equipment that had been set up. i thought at first these were small children perhaps because the somber static girl that hung in the corner of the room. i remained incredibly calm and addressed the greys "what are you guys doing here?" this reaction from me was a great odds to how i would expect i would react i've done martial arts of years and would not tolorate any intruder in the middle of the night, i can handle myself very well but here in this instance i was calm and dare i say it i was familiar with these things, they felt familiar i was not phased at all at their presence. a large grey much taller and seemed to be in charge of whatever was going on suddenly came into view his face was right in my face only inches away as i was sitting up in the bed. "it" moved really quickly almost in a jerky but super fast "it" seem to float and skip distance as it moved to the left side of me, "it" movement were not like the smaller greys "it" seemed to move more like a large insect but it was the typical "grey" in looks, i mean immediately once i addressed the small greys floating about this taller grey was on my lefthand side and i said to "it" "what are you doing?" and the grey replied "your ill, we are here to help you". the reply was telepathic, at which point a long prob like device was inserted into my left arm, i was still sitting up in the same position i first awoken in, everything happened so fast. the prob inserted in my arm activated for a better word it was smooth silver metal (like a cigar holder) in build but delivered blue light which pulsed up my arm in waves, it felt utterly amazing, i remarked such "ohhh that feels really good, that feels incredible!" it was like pure peace and pleasure pumped into my arm. the creature didn't respond just continued with what he was doing as the other greys they were all watching and stopped in unison as to what they were doing before and were all there for this little almost routine task. i don't remember how long i lay there but the procedure was over quicker than it had begun. i seemed to be on talking terms with them they didn't instigate conversation, if i had have said nothing during this i doubt they would have had said anything to me, it all just seem very very routine. i said "how did you guys get here?" this was done without words nor ambiguity they instantly knew collectively what i meant not "how did you get in this room?" etc. but how did you travel here? the tall grey said bluntly "in a spaceship" as if i had asked a utterly stupid question which it was i knew they traveled here in a spaceship i wanted to see it and they already knew were i was moving the conversation. next moment i am outside in the garden 100ft and perhaps 25ft out from me was a spaceship, i laughed at them! "that's not a spaceship, that's looks like a henry hover!" i was playfully mocking them. the craft didn't move it just hung there with some limited lighting it was if time had stood still. they said nothing so i continued but seemed amused there was no physical expression of amusement they were not at all animated in the sense of have expressions it would seem so it was very hard to read them but you could feel their expression when i said the comment about the hover they didn't know what i was referring too but milliseconds later a smiley image of a classic red top, black bottom henry hover emerged in my mind's eye almost reflex in action the fact was the hover did look just like their craft minus the smiley face etc famous with that brand of hover, that's what amused them which was unexpected the smaller ones found this very amusing but it was just a feeling the taller grey allowed this but it was clear that these were not "children" they were just a different species separate from the taller one, still i don't know how i got that info during the telepathy it was as if you could have if you wanted multiple conversations at once i felt i was dealing with an incredibly advanced beings. "that thing is not a spaceship it's nowhere near aerodynamic!" the tall grey : "we are interdimensional" along with that came the understanding that wings etc. were not needed. again no ambiguity when communicating this way, several levels of understanding would appear to reveal itselfs i felt the grey was having to operating on a very basic level to successfully communicate with me as i was so primitive. i was back in my room and they were gone. that's it. the duration of the event felt very short but there was gaps, noticeable gaps, in the bedroom lying down to out in the garden. i told family members the next day that i'd been visited by grey aliens, i could not believe it but somehow it just bothered me a little i wasn't terrified by the experience. however this is what concerns me, firstly i reported a ufo sighting to your organisation concerning what i and my editor saw back in 1999 you will have it on file i used the same email address, now that was a first for me but this visitation worries me because throughout my life i have been known to sleep walk naked or found only in my underpants this continued throughout my life i'd wake up naked etc or be found in a sleep walking state outside. it was looked on as a phase but it wasn't i this because the door in that room i was in the night of the visitation had a deadbolt on the door and no other way into the room, i got in the habit of putting locks of this type on my bedroom door so that i would not be found wandering about naked etc. so there was no physical way to gain entry into that room that night. plus the outside of the house has around seven hitec cctv system i checked it and nothing, nothing showed up that night. this is just bizarre but on occasion for a series of weeks i get dreams that are instructive on matters of science, complex science which i'm being taught or if i have questions on matters they are addressed too on occasion i tell them that i don't understand any of this "i think this is intended for someone else" but this makes absolutely no difference. i wanted to know about zero point energy and how to make one here on earth they gave me a work around which was incredibly crude but it would work and i could try and construct it, i was telling a friend about the theory who has an engineering background, i didn't tell him how i came to this conclusion of basic zero point energy but he was in agreement that such a device would possible work. now i have no intention to build this thing nor do i know a team of people i would need but in the teaching program they were just showing me how it could be done. a laptop is small and convenient, pcs of old were the size of a large room and did very little in the way of what we expect today the zero point energy workaround was in that mode, basic very basic. i should mention i am a twin however i have a completely different blood type which is not uncommon but mine is o rh negative which as i found out has no know point of origin genetically speaking. back in 1992 my dead grandmother visited me in spain the night she died very real person not a ghost but the youngest memory i ever had of her, she looked wonderful, young and very happy she was just coming to say goodbye to me she belonged to no religion nor do i for that matter. i don't know what all this means but i would be be happy to help any of your investigators, there are a host of other things that have happened which seemed odd like having bouts of cleavoiance i don't see ghost or anything but if someone loses something i can always find it i know where it is or someone like my dad bought a painting and i told him i tell him which one he bought out of a very large book of paintings and no problem got it in one. it's not all the time i have this but when i do i know and i'm always right. i concerned with the grey visitation maybe there more to this odd stuff and i am thinking about regression hypno but i've heard horror stories about (if there is something going on here) people having floods of memories and ruining their lives from that day on so i don't know if i should let things continue as is and live in ignorance slightly bewildered by the odd thing like the second sight thing etc. i am of sound mind and have no history of mental illness, still don't believe in aliens despite this, the ufo i saw back in 1999 i took the view that it was ours just tech we did not know about. i don't believe in ghost or follow that sort of stuff despite seeing my dead grandmother in the flesh. from the age of four i knew there were infinite galleries and we were not the only life in the universe i didn't subscribe to any form of religion just tollorated it as i knew that what was being said was not true even then as a little kid we were usually absent from church (we just didn't go) the other kids did but my twin and i did not get brought into the catholic church until a priest made it an issue but it was more for show which suited me fine as i had issues with all religions which seemed to have the creation story and everything else completely wrong or branded in their form whatever that may take, the flood is correct! but a completely flawed version of creation laced with ego. i never like being in churches or participating in the rituals of said religion due to my own ingrained insight into what i knew to be correct but that's my own personal opinion. i taken a google map image of the house the red square on the roof is the room i was in the large red circle is the "spaceship" and the little red circle is myself. the photos i took are on another night i was taking time lapse the strange thing was whilst taking the photos i camera started not working i had to change the batteries no sooner than i had put them in power just drained straight away but i had a bag a eight batteries so i just kept changing them and see if i could take some photos was there the whole time and i ended up getting these really odd photos taken 2017, i kept them because of the alien visitation but it might just be an effect unique to night photography which i no pro. hope all this helps i don't know if any of this will make any sense. cheers marcus

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Credit: MUFON

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