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Thursday, March 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2012-05-16 20:20:00 - Daytime large rectangular silent flew directly overhead at 30ft no wake implanted thoughts

My neighbor and i were across the street in the parking lot of the old abandoned mansion / hospital. a work crew had spent the day gutting it; tossing everything into a large construction dumpster. we had planned that when i got home from work at about 6:30, we were gonna go see what was in there. we walked around to the back talking about the history of the building. i was admiring the architecture of the building and we arrived at the dumpster. there was only one ladder leading up the side of the dumpster and my neighbor jumped on it. i complained and he said that i get to be the lookout. so i'm examining the building's original entrance, which was on the second floor when i noticed security cameras up in the eaves. just then a bird caught my eye. it was in mid turn, with its wings at a 45 degree angle against the horizon. strange that it wasn't righting itself like a bird would. i quickly calculated its distance at a quarter mile out and 350 feet up and realized that it would have to be a very large bird. just then it popped into a more compact shape and i yelled ufo! i yelled to my neighbor to get down here and check this out. as he started down the ladder i thought about running across the street and grabbing my new sony camera, but then realized that as fast as it was going that it would overtake me by the time i reached my front yard. so i thought oh well, i'll just use my cellphone's camera and i reached for it on my belt when my neighbor arrived to stand next to me and we watched. before i could pull it off my belt i had four distinct thoughts: this is all commonplace. there is nothing extraordinary happening here. everyone believes in ufos. soon this will be happening all the time. then it was on top of us. about 30 feet above. i could see clearly the bottom of the craft. there were pipes running this way and that way. it was all a dull gray color and completely unaerodynamic as it flew. it was taller than it was wide and wider than it was long. picture a giant gray cigarette pack flying (very well) with the cigarettes perpendicular to the horizon. it was about 60 feet tall, 30 feet wide, and 15 feet long. there were no windows. it was completely silent. it left zero wake. as fast as it was coming at us and as close as it flew over us and as much air that it should have been pushing, we should have been knocked down, but nothing, not even a breeze. we both turned around to watch it gain altitude and clear my house. when it had, something popped out of the lower right of the ship, like a rudder, which caused it to abruptly turn left. the opposite of how you would expect for a rudder to function. and then it was gone. i said wow, to my neighbor, that was amazing. can you believe it? i started reviewing the facts with him and he says that he wishes to someday see a ufo like what i have seen. what?!? dude, we have both just experienced one of the coolest daytime sightings ever. he said no, that was a helicopter. the kind with two rotors. so i ask him didn't he see how the thing was flying. if that was a chinook helicopter it would have had to be flying with it's nose almost on the ground and with its rotors facing forward, which would be impossible. he says he couldn't be sure as he didn't have his glasses on. i reminded him that it was only 30 feet away and completely silent too. he says well, you know they have these special rotor blades now. so i explained to him the difference between noise-dampened and silent. i went home confused. the next day at work i'm telling everyone "yeah, so i saw one of them ufos again last night. blah blah blah. i still thought everyone believed in ufos. it took me a little over two days to realize that those were not my thoughts when i opened up a huffington post and read that only five % of the population believe in them. i've spent a lot of time analyzing what had happened only to just come up with the questions about it, no answers, only guesses. it was still daylight. why didn't they wait until dark? didn't anybody else see it? did it appear as a chinook to everyone else? it was already turning towards me when i had first seen it. what was its purpose for flying so low right above me? it being so blatant, why did it not want its picture taken? this was not the first time i had been singled out by a ufo. the first time was on the other side of the continent, separated by many years, entailed multiple visits spanning several months, contained contact, and missing time of two hours, but completely different ships. connected or coincidence?

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Credit: MUFON

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