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Friday, March 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Oswego, New York on 2018-03-23 09:26:00 - 4 orbs traveling sw abrupt vanishing, 2 more, then 1 all traveling in same dir.

March 23 2018, 15 mins.Ago. i heard helicopters approaching,this is not unusual as fort drum is to the north of us (watertown). i went out on my porch to look at them, there are various ones that pass over. at this time there were 6 in 2 formations. as they passed, i noticed an airliner flying from the north (across lake ontario)in an easterly direction. it had 2 engines (jet) one under each wing. the sun reflected it, and there were no clouds in the sky where i was watching, and the plane had no contrails.It passed from my view. at that time i saw 4 white discs in a nearly straight line moving southwest. they were not reflecting, they were moving rapidly, they did "waver" out of line. i grabbed my binoucurs (sic) 40 power and trained them on the discs, i was only able to see them for a second when they disappeared,i tried to find them with my eyes, but they were gone. i looked back to where i had seen them at first, and there were 2 more at a slightly different direction,i followed them with my eyes, they hadn't gotten as far as the first group, when they disappeared,as i was watching them. i kept looking to see if there were more, when i saw another, this one was going south and it was moving faster than the others,this one went out of sight, didn't disappear abruptly. i continued to scan the skies for a while, but nothing more happened, except my coffee got cold. my first instinct, was that they were, fighter jets or drones, but, there was no sound, and at this time of day it is quiet.There were clouds in the distance,over the lake,but none overhead.

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Credit: MUFON

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