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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2018-03-15 20:02:00 - A silver/ red object came out of nowhere when viewing star.

March 15, 2018, my husband was inside the house when i was outside in our back yard taking pictures of a star right below the object that appeared out of nowhere . it was strange because i didn’t see the object in the lens of my phone as i took the pic. i noticed it afterwards as i looked at my pictures. i never saw it in the sky. the first photo does not show the object and the third photo doesn’t show the object i added them to show you the before and after. i tried to blow up the photo in the last two pics. the time says 8:01 and 8:02. i must of started clicking seconds before it changed to 8:02 . the after pic is 8:05. i was viewing my pics in between that time. when i saw the object in my photos i hurried and started to click some more pics to see if the object would appear again and it didn’t . the object is not seen coming or going. i don’t think anything was on my lens because it would have shown on the other photos. i was facing the south direction of my house and my house is on the edge of the south east part of tucson ( kind of east central closer to south east edge on the map. i do believe the same day the iss passed through az, only i am not sure what time and if i could even get a view of it at 8.00 p.M. at night . on the map it shows that the iss would have been far north of me or far west depending on where it was at the time. the reason i was taking a pic of the star? my husband and i have been noticing a very huge bright star or object , satellite or planet in the sky ( not sure ) it changes colors and seems to have moved in a very slow speed ( maybe as the earth moves we don’t know ) and it seems to be going west to east . we have been keeping track of it for two weeks or more now . it has slowly changed it’s location. this was the same star that i was trying to photograph when this other unidentifiable object appeared. i am not sure what the red is on the object? it could be on the object or appeared from taking the pic? not sure ? with the last photo i edited it to the black and white filter to see if i could see an outline of the object. i was hoping to see if it was a satellite or drone or iss? the object looks kind of strange. please tell me what you think ?

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Credit: MUFON

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