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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Missoula, Montana on 2018-02-24 21:20:00 - Two obects came over the valley hovered dropped one silver looking fireball each and faded away

I was having a smoke and playing with the dog in the south facing back yard about 9:20pm on feb.24th when i looked to check the weather activity at that moment they came in from the east on sort of a converging path.The first one on the left never came more than an apparent few miles away from my position.It was similar to a medium bright star and was flickering, starting to dim then it pooped out this, i guess fire ball object that left a really long trail.Probably 80% the distance to the ground. it reminded me of the way an oil lamp burns in a calm room, a bit like how the flame looks almost too calm beneath a liquid ox rocket engine on liftoff. this flame was just as silver as you can imagine, very strange. while that was going on the second one was slowly receding and moving very slowly to the right. at that point i went in the house to find another witness. i wanted to stay and watch but i wanted be sure i wasn't seeing things. while i was collecting my witness we could hear the dog go nuts outside. when i got outside again the dog was barking and running around like she thought something was going on all over the yard at once. related? i do not know. by now this huge light comes into view from behind the neighbors fur tree witness sees it and says "there it is." and i thought that's weird that's to bright and red to be an airplane. but not wanting to be made a fool. i told witness, "no its bigger than what i saw". witness walked away just in time to miss the show. this thing started to move toward me and to the left a little bit, stopped, hovered for a few moments reversed slowly, stopped brightens or sort of flares up and shoots out a fire ball just like the other. it faded completely away in about 3 seconds or so and it was over. this last one was interesting in that it was close enough that some detail (very little) could be seen. it was large, the size of a 737. a large amber ringed with red light and apparent structure horizontally connecting to another red light about a quarter of the size of the first "

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Credit: MUFON

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