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Friday, March 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Orangeville, Ontario on 2016-08-16 02:40:00 - There were two star-like objects, they got close to each other then one flew off suddenly but one stayed

When this started it was about 2 am and i was in bed, i couldn't sleep because it was very hot and we didn't have air conditioning in that house. the window was open and the sounds of crickets and traffic drifted in from the street below, i was reading on my tablet when suddenly everything went quiet. i was suddenly nervous, crickets only got quiet when something disturbed them. i listened for a moment trying to hear of someone was in the yard, i could hear a faint hum. i was confused, i'd never heard a hum like that, it was soft, low, and even, like a machine. thinking it was an airplane or something i looked out the window at the sky, notocing there were two especially bright, and orange stars. i looked for a little while, but the noise never changed and no planes appeared. then the light on the left moved, i was a little scared and annoyed. i thought that maybe they were drones, as i watched more i realized the movement was all wrong for a drone. they were too smooth and steady, and the turns too exact. i was beginning to panic, i had no clue what they were. then the left one shot off to the left and disappeared, i crept past the sleeping dog and my sleeping sister to look out the window. the light never winked or wavered like a star, i suddenly felt like i was being watched and i scrambled back to my bed this was probably around 2:10. my scrambling should have woken the dog up at least, she's jumpy like that. but both of them stayed soundly asleep, and i was really scared. the light got bigger and the odd hum louder as i watched, my heart was pounding and i was shaking. then an odd calm settled over me, i knew in my core that the light would never ever hurt me. it got a little bigger, i'm pretty sure it was coming closer because the hum was louder. i watched the light with a feeling of calm and joy, and i know i was watched in return. i felt dreamy and safe, and something that wasn't me, but was kind. after what felt like a minute or two the light shrank and the hum softened. i watched as the light followed the same path the other had and moved beyond my sight. i felt lonely afterward, and a little sad. like when a good friend leaves after a long visit. when i looked at the clock again about 30 minutes had passed, rather than the 1 or 2 i had thought. despite only getting 4 hours of sleep i woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, and content.

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Credit: MUFON

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