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Monday, April 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sheffield, England on 2010-06-10 00:00:00 - Basically saw a disk shape object over some houses it hovered about 100 yards away then came directly above us we panic an ran behind our house ocne we looked back was gone the scariest part was the sound such a deep hum

I was with two my friends on a back garden late one evening and just as we was about to head home i noticed a circular object a few streets away in the air it was very bright and almost looked like it was rotaiting the colours an flashes of light varied an was no specific pattern to what i can remember we kind of stood there confused for few seconds then became amazed at what we was seeing few seconds go buy an this object heads towards us you could tell this object was about the size of a house with how close it was to the tree line it almost parked directly above us with a loud humming sound this made us panic an run back to our back garden by the time we returned few seconds after out of curiosity to the front side of the house again the object was gone an so was the sound the whole event lasted about a min yo min an half but we was certin wasnt plane wasnt helicopter or any drone was to big an the way it came towards us was like there was some sort of intellignce behind that movement this hapened around summer of 2010 there was 3 of us but on of us who was there has denied it happening reason unknown fear of been laughed i guess but persoaly this effected me very much cant remember getting home after this event an didnt even fully remember what happen till few years later but ever since the age 14 ive seen things i can not explain this is not first time this has happened just feel its my best report i can put across becuase i have more witnesses to this event if u would u like to hear more about my other sightings please let me know as i have no one to talk to about this subject and its effected me deeply

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Credit: MUFON

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