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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in League City, Texas on 2018-04-25 14:30:00 - Round silvery object moving very fast into cloud, then reversing direction coming out of cloud, speeding away

Wednesday, april 25, 2018 at approx 14:30 (2:30 pm central time) i was in my vehicle south of houston, eastbound toward clear lake on fm528 from friendswood texas, and approaching i-45 south underpass. while stopped at a red light just before the i-45 intersection and looking upward at the light, a bright flash of light caught my eye. looking upward i saw a round, highly reflective object streak southbound through the air and into a cloud. i had only a second or two to view the object and noted that it was round but slightly flattened on top and bottom, much like a very fat football. it had a center line from the nose to the rear along it's horizontal axis. i could not tell if it was a marking or a part of the structure of the craft. it was fast, much faster than any conventional low altitude aircraft would be flying under this circumstance, and over a populated area. from my vantage point, in size the craft could be roughly compared to a dime, or slightly smaller, held out to my windshield in front of me. i estimate my position of observation to be approximately one mile from the cloud into which it disappeared. no sound was heard. after only another second or two the craft (or another just like it) came out of the cloud just above where the first entered, but headed back the opposite direction (northward) towards another cloud. it seemed to be going even faster that the first , and quickly just dissolved into a streak of reflective light about halfway to the second cloud. the second cloud (to the left-north) was separated from the first cloud by a space roughly the size of the first cloud. the left cloud was about 25% larger than the right. i checked with the galveston scholes flight service station, and scattered cloud ceiling altitude was around 2500 feet, with scattered cloud height varying from 4000-6000 ft. the day was predominately clear, temp about 83 degrees. no other aircraft was seen , but my travel dictated that i leave the scene for an appointment. i did get a short, but accurate view of the craft. it was clearly not a conventional aircraft. i estimate the clouds and activity was maybe a mile from my street location, but these things are difficult to estimate without a known object at a known location for reference. my guess, based on the fss report of 2500 feet ceiling of the clouds, is that the ufos were approximately the size of a normal small aircraft at maybe 25-40 feet in length. i am 73 years old and have significant experience as an aircrewman in the navy during the vietnam war. i also obtained my private pilots license after the navy tour and owned my own aircraft. i am not presently an active flyer. but am not easily fooled by what i observe in the skies. this is the only ufo sighting i have had in my lifetime. nasa and ellington afb is located within a couple miles of this location. the ellington facility is frequently open to the public, and does not seem like it would be a special place of interest for the ufo. however, i have heard stories of occasional ufo sightings in the corridor from galveston to the top of galveston bay. also rumors of black choppers seen at the base. it is a training facility for astronauts, and shuttle transports used to frequent the base. there was (and pretty sure there still is) a national guard fighter squadron home based there.

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Credit: MUFON

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