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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Youngtown, Arizona on 2018-04-18 19:45:00 - Luke air force base is to the left of me i noticed a bright light to the right of me like it was looking at the base.

At approximately 7:40 p.M. i was in my backyard enjoying the western evening lights drinking a non alcoholic ice tea before it got dark. i noticed that it was very quiet with the air force nearby, usually they are very loud. i looked to my right (north) and seen a very bright light thinking to myself (oh their they are) meaning the fighter jets. i only seen one light, and notice that it was just hovering in one spot so i thought it was a strait shot to the base, and that it could of been a ways away from me explaining why it looked stile in motion. mind you with the new lights they have now it would seem as if they were close until they change direction and you will be amazed how far they really are. so i kept on looking and waiting for the roaring sound to appear but never came. i got off my lawn chair to get a better look when at that moment it shifted to the west at a blink of an eye and i instantly new that i was looking at something phenomenal, i froze instantly with fear and then it dropped instantly but i couldn't say how far it fell because i didn't know how far it was.I yelled out to my wife to drop what she was doing and to come out immediately she came out and instantly i told her to look at the light i gave her my binoculars that i forgot i had in my hands, and pulled out my phone and started recording. she said to me it's so bright and clear but that she couldn't make out anything but that it only looked like a star. right then a plane was coming towards it and passed right in front of it like it didn't even see it, and that's when it started to travel to the west. it must of been as big as the plane or bigger and farther away but anyhow it was going west and at that moment it just disappeared then appeared instantly then stopped in its tracks instantly putting on its brakes with no skid, then just like that headed for the hills going west disappearing and dropping almost to the floor from a distance and then to hover again all the while the air force jets were starting to fly and it went behind the mountains called white tanks and disappeared. white tanks is about 20 miles from where we live and this thing did all that within 5 minutes. it couldn't have been a drone because of how far it traveled and how bright it was. if you were to stretch your arm out in front of you and got a small pea between your index finger and your thumb that would have been the size of the bright ufo we seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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