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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Truro, Nova Scotia on 2018-04-05 22:56:00 - Orbs/ufo over truro nova scotia april 5/2018

I was in my bedroom getting ready to watch a documentary with my husband when i happened to glance over toward the window and there it was. it was not big but it was bigger than a star; it was bright enough and big enough for me to notice it in a glance and if i haven’t mentioned earlier, i have had these sightings of ufos happen to me for almost a year now and it is always in this particular spot in the sky or over alittle toward the south west, at least when i see them. at first i thought it was only one. but over the year i’ve collected gigabytes of videos and pictures that prove that my eyes are not able to see what my phone has managed to capture. back to the event of april 5th; i didn’t think it was anything but a ufo because this is not a new experience as i stated above. although i managed to capture the orbs on camera through pictures videos and screen shots of paused video footage that shows the object/objects clearly i couldn’t see anything more than what looked like 2 big bright stars or planets stationary but in unison when they did indeed move. the objects as i said looked stationary but moved slowly( so it seemed ) from left to right up and down but the footage i captured while this was going on tells a different story. it was moving and rotating in a unnatural way. pulsating and static would be my best description of this thing. studying the footage the next day is when i noticed that there are more orb-like lights then i had thought. in one still pic it is in the shape of what looks to be a disk or oval shaped craft. one video shows one of the two orbs i was filming begin to rotate and sporadically move in every direction without noise at all! it then would disappeared in a blink of an eye and reappeared just as rapidly. it was followed and mimickied the entire time by organized translucent flashing lights ithat surrounded the biggest orb. as i said it was static and hovering but i got the sense it was piloted or guided by something intelligent and looked extremely organized, working in unison together. just like all the other times i have had ufo sightings i get the same weird unnerving vibe. i get instinctively creeped out but incredibly intrigued by what i am viewing. it sometimes puts me in a trancelike state more often than not. i guess i could describe the feeling as excitedly worried/anxious. regarding the question of when i lost sight of the objects, as i stated earlier in this write up;i have been wittiness to these sightings every night for the last year with a hiatus during the winter months of december, january, and february although there have been a few times during the hiatus that i managed to capture it when the clouds would break up. i would have to stay up till dawn to lose sight of it and have done so in the past watching the orbs slowly disappear while ascending up to the heavens. as for this particular sighting; i stopped watching it after about an hour and a half. it is essential i stop myself or i won’t sleep at all. it is hard to ignore it when it is sitting just outside above my street. however, i have managed to resist watching the inimitable anomaly only through time and by conducting different ways and methods of watching without falling into the “zone”. for example: i never stare at the orbs with the naked eye alone anymore. i view them through my iphone or nikon digital camera lens. staring at them with your own eyes can be a very powerful but incredibly strong feeling. it sweeps over your entire body and you feel incapable of stopping yourself from focusing on its wonderment. i am attracted to it’s alluring aura and unworldly actions and origin. as for the evidence to back up my claim; i have enclosed all original images and film taken with my iphone 6 just so that you know i am not making this up or trying to seek attention. i also sent the enhanced exposure videos and stills so they are easier to make out and see more clearly. we have light pollution here on willow street but when i use mono filter (as you will observe) for better exposure to all of the lights/orbs/ufo?? . this is my first time ever reporting one of my incidents to an official investigative agency and i am still reluctant to do so. no offence to you guys but i do not seek nor do i need approval /confirmation by an agency of “official standards”. it is not my intention of filing a report solely so other imperfect people can speculate as to what these things are. i am not doing this for official notoriety or i would have reported my first encounter of july 5th 2017 and everyone after that. i am filing a report because i believe it is our duty and obligation to make these events public for others to compare, study and observe so to better understand what these things might be and for the safety and or betterment of our species. i hope i am doing the right thing and i hope by doing the right thing we all gain a greater perspective and knowledge. we can’t appreciate the vastness of our universe and the reality of being part of a much bigger and grander scheme of things. i am hopeful that you will get some use of this info and i look foreword to hearing back from you soon. best regards, audrey williams

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Credit: MUFON

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