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Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Hemet, California on 2018-04-14 22:30:00 - About 22:00, 14apr18, heading approx ne at a mild rate of speed over hemet, ca approx sanderson and menlo black triangle with 6 dull red under-lights

About 22:00 on 14apr18. heading approx ne at a mild rate of speed over the city of hemet, ca at approx sanderson and menlo. a black triangle with 5 or 6 dull red under-lights traveling in unison in triangle formation appearing to be part of the same craft. the lights were rather large at the corners of the craft and one in the middle of each side. i don’t think there was one on the back end. forming a v or trainable depending on how you want to connect the dots. clear sky, no cloud cover. i was in our backyard with my wife showing her how dark it was with our lights off, and showing her the stars because we are somewhat new to the area, from the los angeles area and you rarely get to see starts like we do here in la. i was pointing out orion’s belt and turned to my right when i noticed it. being a veteran, i’ve seen many planes, helo’s etc, it was neither, nor a ballon or drone. my first thought was ufo in the true meaning of the words. it was silent from the distance i was from it, it moved steady at a mild pace and was visible for only 10-15 seconds. but i know what i saw! i did not have my phone with me to take a picture, however, i don’t think it would have come out given the distance and darkness and fullness of the red lights. the best way i could describe the lights is they were like red, dimly lit, illuminated reflectors. they were large, in comparison to the overall perspectives size of the craft and evenly spaced. my wife doesn’t have good night vision without her glasses so she didn’t, couldn’t see. she hardly could see the stars i was pointing out. there was a plane in the sky due east from the triangle i saw, but it was quite a distance away, miles away. maybe 5 miles away if i have to put a number on it but that is totally speculative. i could make a sketch it needed but it’s pretty basic.

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Credit: MUFON

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