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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Port Charlotte, Florida on 2018-04-16 22:27:00 - Opaque triangular(boomerang) type craft(possibly two in close formation) crossed over our deck last night. 5 or 6 lights on fast moving object (objects)

My wife and i were setting on our deck because we had seen a light we could not explain two nights earlier and we hoped to see it again. it was about 2225 to 2230 hours.So our attention was skyward on a brilliantly clear star filled south florida night! instead of seeing the light again, which we also did, my wife and i watched a high speed object, possibly two, in close formation approach our position from the south.... from 180 degrees and then make a small turn as it passed and depart to the northwest at about 330 degrees. we were both dumbstruck! the object appeared ethereal but still had form and substance. it seemed to deflect or reflect the stars as it moved through the air.It was easy to follow the flight path even though it was similar to moving cloud. there were 5 or six lights (very dull white) as it passed which also gave the craft a triangular or boomerang shape. there was absolutely no noise even though it passed close to overhead our deck. the object appeared to be large, like an aircraft but totally unlike any aircraft i have ever seen. aircraft and drones make noise. my wife and i both agree on this analysis although she saw the shape more as triangular and i saw it more like a boomerang or two attached or in close formation. i am a former naval aviator and it was like what we would characterize as "parade formation." i also was an airline pilot for about 35 years... spent many hours on many decks in my 7 decades of life looking at meteor showers, operating complex aircraft in the same airspace and never have myself or my wife observed such and event.... and never have we been affected by any event like we were last night...... what in the world is going on? this morning we remain amazed!

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Credit: MUFON

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