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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2017-07-18 12:15:00 - Hovering, blinking objects grew in number. at the end, a black craft zooms in from the north.

I am a lover of the skies and have known we are not alone in this universe since i can remember having thoughts. on his particular day i was outside in my backyard looking up, as i always do. i live near mitchell international airport (5.7 miles) and lake michigan (7 miles) and have watched planes come and go for years. i noticed a couple of blinking hovering objects in the western sky. it caught my eye because it was unlike anything i had seen in the sky. round, flashing, "things". i say things because i could tell they were solid. but then the reflection would disappear and it would confuse me. i went through every scenario in my head. weather balloons?! nope. i've seen those before and these were not them. silver mylar balloons? perhaps there was a funeral service and a mass balloon release? nope. they wouldn't have stayed in the pattern these objects were in. planes?!! nope. as i mentioned, i've lived in this home for 5 years and spend a lot of time in my backyard skygazing. no plane(s) have ever behaved like this and been in this number (over 20). it was when i had exhausted all explanations, i pulled out my phone and started recording. hoping i could catch some of this anomaly on film. it was a bright sunny day and i couldn't even tell if i was capturing any kind of footage because it was so bright, and they were so far away. the number of objects grew and grew. i was standing there for at least 4 minutes in shock trying to make sense of what i was seeing. then they started to become fewer in number. it was then i ran inside to grab my husband. someone else had to witness this besides me!!! i ran faster than i'd ever run before, flung open the back door, ran up the stairs and screamed for him to get out back. he thought something was terribly wrong and was surprised when he got out back and saw our garage wasn't on fire. i told him to look up, between the power lines and just try to see flashing lights. he didn't at first (because by this time, they were down to so few) but then he saw them! he couldn't believe his eyes and wondered what they could be. he was a bit freaked out. they finally disappeared completely. we went inside and talked in length about what the eff those things could be and i watched the video. over and over. i could see them in the video but on my phone it was so hard to zoom in. i showed it to people but they really couldn't see much. it was when i started to go through the video frame by frame in slomo that i really saw what i saw with my own two eyes. and it was then i saw what i had not seen with my eyes in real time. at the end of the video, a solid black craft zooms in from the north. it has shape and mass and even spits out a jet stream. it flies across the screen in less than a second!!!! nothing travels that fast. nothing of this earth, at least. video is best watched zoomed in and frame by frame. this is the third ufo sighting i've had in my 40 years of life. this one was different than the other two. included are the video and three screenshots of the craft flying in at the end. notice the light in the first frame of the video before it starts. that's the general area of the lights but remember, they are across most of the visible western sky. i can't wait to hear what you think.

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Credit: MUFON

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